Adventure Travels perfect for a Christmas gift

It’s that time of the year again. You wrack your brain to find something heartfelt and unique for your family, friends, and loved ones; with little to no luck. Finding the perfect gift from the storm of options around us can get exhausting. So why not change that? This year, find ways to create your own Christmas traditions with your family, friends, and partner. Instead of the generic gift-wrapped packages and mainstream holiday traditions, celebrate Christmas and togetherness in a new way. Replace Santa’s sack with your rucksack and off we go! 

1. Extreme Adventure – Climb the peak!

Summiting a peak isn’t something we think of often- but neither does the opportunity present itself regularly. Why not let the spirit of Christmas take you to the peak?   

Climbing Mera Peak, extreme adventure for a perfect Christmas gift
Climbing Mera Peak, extreme adventure for a perfect gift

All the world’s mountains are waiting for you to arrive and witness them in person, so why shy away from them? Push your physical boundaries beyond what you have before, and behold the glory of the mountains in the fullest- from the peak. Take your loved ones along for the expedition of a lifetime; gift them the opportunity to see the view Santa sees from his sleigh. Here are some of the summits you can conquer!

2. Adrenaline packed presents  

The thrill of exploration, the magnificence of nature, and the joy of traveling with someone you love- can you think of a better combination of feelings? Break the barrier of the mundane, and cross over to the world of adventure travel! Swap your daily routine with exciting, travel itineraries and make the memories of a lifetime this Christmas!

Grab your bucket list and your favorite people. Let’s go on an adventure! 

Trekking and Rebonding with the loved ones; perfect christmas present
Trekking and Rebonding with the loved ones

Gift your loved ones an adrenaline-packed present this Christmas. These are some of our favorite adventure trips. 

3. Magnificent Mountains and Lush Luxury

After the year we’ve had, who’s to say we don’t deserve to unwind in luxury? And who’s to say we can’t do so in an incredible location, with our favorite people? There is something about the unhurried permanence of the Himalayas that makes it alluring, in sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of our daily life. Experiencing that allure from above in a helicopter ride would be ideal- so why not do it?

By combining the thrill of a new adventure with the allure of majestic mountains and luxury, you can now gift your loved ones the opportunity to rejuvenate in style among the high Himalayas. Escape the cacophony of real life in true comfort, together! Here are some luxurious trips to gift this Christmas: 

4. Get Off the Beaten Tracks, into the wild

Poems have been written on how taking the road less travelled leads to the best destinations. Discover the unlimited beauty of nature, the unyielding power of the mountains, and the incredible experiences one can have so far away from urbanization. 

Exploring the lesser known trails together with friends and family
Exploring the lesser known trails together with friends and family

Why stick to the mainstream trails when our selection of off-the-beaten-path trails is waiting for you? Uncover the magic of relatively unexplored terrains together, for the memories of a lifetime. So if you’ve ever been tempted to go off the radar with your friends and family, these trips are for you:

  1. Upper mustang trek
  2. Manalsu Circuit Trek
  3. Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

5. Laid-Back Leisure Tours

Let’s be honest, strenuous activity during the holiday season isn’t the stuff of fantasies. The thought of strolling lazily along the streets of foreign cities, tasting street food, exploring local cultures, and meeting new people is much more appealing than adrenaline rushes. In true Christmas spirit, bundle up your friends, family, and loved ones, and give them the gift of travel! 

Experiencing the cultural differences of the world with significant other
Experiencing the cultural differences of the world with significant other

Our leisure packages are the perfect getaway trip to celebrate these holidays stress-free, soaking in new cultures and experiences. Rejuvenate your bond with those dearest to you in a leisurely environment devoid of everyday distractions and disturbances. After all, that is what the holidays are for, right?

Something different from traditional gifts this Christmas

Travel gifts are far from the mainstream, show heartfelt emotions, and are almost unanimously enjoyable. This Christmas, we wanted you to be able to give the gift of travel to your loved ones without the stress that comes with planning it. At Himalayan Glacier, we are offering convenient travel gifting- sort through our best trips on a Christmas deal, and pick out what fits best for you and yours. Want to know how?

  • We’ll present you with a digital, printable gift voucher for your loved ones. Imagine their surprise when they find out you’ve booked them an extraordinary trip!
  • With us, your booking doesn’t mean immediate travel. You can book now, and travel later at your convenience!
  • And finally, in case you change your mind, we’ll be happy to exchange the booked trip with another package of your choice! 

Picking out the perfect gift is stressful, but quality time is a love language everybody speaks, and it means the world to our loved ones. So If you need any help planning for their present, or if you have any questions on how to go about planning the perfect trip for them, you can contact our travel experts, or WhatsApp us at +1-410-307-0007. Happy holidays! 

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