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An Ultimate Guide To Bhutan

If you have plans to visit Bhutan during your vacations, then nothing would be better than the decision you have made. To explore the magical dragon kingdom, this Bhutan Travel Guide will let you plan your Bhutan tour in the best possible manner. In this travel guide to Bhutan, we have tried to include as much vital information right from the basics to other sensible instructions for a fruitful tour in Bhutan. Go ahead and execute your long coveted dream to the mystical land of Druk Yul without any hassles or disorientations. A number of travel tips that we have placed in one of the best travel guides for Bhutan should surely help you prepare for an exciting and unforgettable tour.

Introducing Bhutan

Popularity Of Bhutan

Bhutan is popular amongst foreigners for so many things, including the only carbon negative country in the world and the unique philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Travelers will find countless of activities to take up and places of interest depending on their preferences while in Bhutan.

Weather & Climate

Weather in Bhutan is highly influenced by the altitude. In the northern regions where mountains rise as high as 7,000m / 22,966feet, the weather conditions are similar to that of arctic, frozen and frosty. Mountain peaks are continually covered in snow and lower parts are still cool even in summers because of the high-altitude topography. 

Internet & SIM card

Bhutan’s main and only Internet Service Provider is Druknet, which is owned by Bhutan Telecom. The history of internet in Bhutan is rather very interesting. Although telecommunication services started in 1963, internet was introduced in the country only in 1994 when Gopher was the browser.

Electricity And Electronic Devices

The standard voltage of electricity in Bhutan is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. If the standard voltage in your country is in between 220 and 240 V, as it would be in the UK, Europe, Australia, and most of Asia and Africa, you can use your electric or electronic appliances in Bhutan without a voltage converter.


Bhutanese Cuisine

Bhutanese cuisine ropes in much red rice, buckwheat and maize with meat varieties like chicken, yak, lamb, pork and dried beef in almost all parts of the country. The most distinguishing attribute of Bhutanese cuisine is its spiciness and chilies are unbelievably an indispensable …


Cultural Tips

Bhutan is a country which has only been recently introduced to the foreign tourists adhering to the policy of ‘High Value, Low Volume’ tourism. It is a known fact that Bhutan enjoys recognition for legitimacy …

Plan your Trip

Execute your travel plans in Bhutan in accordance to your needs and choose the best for you during your Bhutan holiday
Choose your stay for a comfortable break

Best Places To Stay In Bhutan

Bhutan is undeniably a unique place to visit partly because of the country’s standpoint to all visitors. Although it is a tiny country, high-end hotels and resorts are scattered all over Bhutan’s tourist destinations. Normally, when a traveler books a Bhutan holiday after paying a daily fee, it is an all-inclusive package that includes cost of their hotel, meals, transportation, guide and driver. The minimum daily fee, however, includes a 3-star hotel for accommodation … 

Plan your trip during your favorable season

Best Time To Visit

Spring and fall (autumn) are undoubtedly the best times of the year to visit Bhutan. The weather of Bhutan fluctuates radically depending on the elevation. Having said that, summer and winter seasons also have their own appeal and attractions. Spring season during the months between March and May is perhaps the best time to visit Bhutan. It has ever remained the all-time favorite season to visit Bhutan for all foreign tourists …

Enjoy the colorful traditions together

Festivals And Holidays

The public holidays of Bhutan comprises both national holidays as well as the local festivals better known as Tshechus. National holidays are observed throughout the country while the local festivals are celebrated region wise and at particular times of the year. Since Bhutan has its own calendar, dates of some national holidays as well as the festivals change every year.

The top-rated and must-see attractions in Bhutan

Top Attractions

There is no denial to the fact that Bhutan is the happiest country, at least in the whole of Asia. The land of the Thunder Dragon is a remote kingdom holding on to its centuries’ old Buddhist cultures while trying to cope with the present modernization. A remarkable land with museums, monks and mountains, Bhutan has copious reasons to fascinate travelers from all around the world despite of its stringent tourism policy. Foreign tourists have their own reasons to step their footsteps onto this mystical land of the Druk Yul …

Indulge in the most popular day tours in Bhutan with awesome exclusivity

17 Most Popular Day Tours In Bhutan

Day tours in and around Bhutan’s mediocre sized cities and towns provide boundless opportunities to enjoy the country’s affluent cultural heritage. Side by side, it is a fine chance to explore the natural beauty and the scenic outlooks and stunning milieu in the land of the Thunder Dragon. There are so many private day trips that can be customized based on each traveler’s needs and availability of time. Day tours in Bhutan are perhaps the easiest and briskest mode to experience the authentic country.

While you’re there

Clear your doubts with the most useful information before traveling to your dream-destination and know just what to do

For foreign tourists with the exception of Indians, Bangladeshis and Maldivians, who need not book their Bhutan tour with a registered tour operator, transfer from … read more

For all foreign visitors excluding nationals from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, local transportation from one region of the country to another is arranged … read more

The tiny Himalayan kingdom of the thunder dragon is known for so many things that an endless list can be prepared and merely a week is not sufficient  … read more

Thimphu, Paro and Phuentsholing are the major centers for shopping in Bhutan. Travelers can seldom stay away from shopping for antiques or other indigenous  … read more

Most restaurants in the country offer authentic Bhutanese cuisine. As all meals are included in the package cost, travelers need to tell their guides if you wish to eat … read more

In terms of entertainment in Bhutan, the bountiful festivals that exist throughout the country are major forms of amusement for the Bhutanese populace … read more

Tap water in Bhutan is not considered safe for drinking purposes unless it is boiled or purified by some chemical agents Bottled mineral water is readily … read more

Money can be withdrawn from these ATM kiosks using some major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. It is to be noted that ATMs in Bhutan do not use … read more

Before you go

Get acquainted will all the travel basics before getting into 'Druk-Yul' for a hassle-free vacation

Getting into Bhutan

Today, visitors can enter Bhutan through land as well as by air. September through November and February through April … read more

Passport & Visa

There is no Visa on Arrival service in Bhutan. Getting visa is fortunately not a difficult process for all foreign travelers …  read more

Health & Vaccine

Health in Bhutan is one of government’s highest preferences in terms of development and modernization. The royal government … read more

32 Things You Should Know Before You Arrive

Officially known as the kingdom of Bhutan, this tiny nation is located in the eastern Himalayas. It is bordered in the north by the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China; in the west by the Indian states of Sikkim and West Bengal and also The Chumbi Valley of Tibet, China; and in the south and east by the Indian states of Assam, West Bengal and Arunachal Pradesh, here are 32 things you should know before you arrive.

It is an excellent idea to get your travel insurance that covers theft, loss, medical issues and emergency rescue operations … read more

Money used in Bhutan or the currency is known as the Bhutanese Ngultrum and represented by BTN or Nu. One ngultrum is divided into 100 chhertum … read more

The crime rate in Bhutan in extremely low and it is usually a rare occasion to witness a violence or resistance against the government thus making the political situation …. read more

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