Pick the perfect adventure travel this Christmas to gift for 2023

So, you’ve decided to gift an exciting adventure to your loved ones this Christmas? Great choice! But what kind of trip would they really enjoy? Summiting a mountain? A helicopter ride over the Himalayas? Trekking through some of nature’s best creations? An easygoing leisure tour of quaint Asian towns?  If you’re unsure about making a pick, we’re here to help! Go through these questions and find the perfect trip to gift your friends and family this Christmas! 

1. Are they constantly looking for the next big challenge?

Challenges are all around us, but do your favorite people seek out the ultimate challenge? Do they love to push their physical limits? If they are truly determined and capable, gift them the expedition of a lifetime. Present them with the opportunity to summit a mountain. It is the ultimate challenge and a true testament to your bond. In true Christmas spirit, this gift will show them you fully believe in their goals and abilities. 

Everest Base Camp; Adventure Travel Package for christmas
Everest Base Camp

2. Do they love adventure sports?

Maybe they’re not quite an extreme adventurer, but do they crave that rush of adrenalin that comes with adventure sports? If you and your loved ones enjoy experiencing the best that nature has to offer through multitudes of activities, gift them the chance to tick off their adventure dreams from their bucket list! Our thrilling adventure tours consist of incredible high-altitude treks, rock climbing, mountain biking, and much more. The perfect package for their stocking! 

Paragliding, popular adventure sport in Nepal
Paragliding, popular adventure sport in Nepal

3. Do they value luxury, comfort, and style?

Let’s be honest, the thoughts of unwinding among the majestic Himalayas is appealing to all of us. But is your loved ones especially enjoy a touch of luxury in your trips? Are you celebrating some important milestones? Take them on a heli ride over the mountains, and celebrate your bond among the stoic, everlasting peaks.

 4. Do they seek out experiences beyond the mainstream?

Are your friends and family keen on exploring places they’ve never heard of? Does the thought of an unexplored trail excite them? Maybe an off-the-beaten-path trekking in nepal would be the best gift for them! Surprise them with the best of pristine natural trails and a break from the routine of daily life, and switch up Christmas traditions with incredible new trails and fascinating new cultures! 

Exploring Langtang Region
Exploring Langtang Region

5. Do they enjoy leisure and immersive cultural experiences?

Nobody wants the added stress of travel on a holiday, and we suspect your loved ones share this feeling too. If they are particularly fond of leisure and prioritize comfort to the rush and movement of traditional adventure travel, our leisure tours may just be the thing. Take a laid-back approach to travel, and explore the best of new places and cultures that the world has to offer. Gift your friends and family the perfect chance to channel the true essence of Christmas – quality time spent with those nearest and dearest to you. 

Family Holiday to Nepal; Adventure Travel Package for christmas
Family Holiday to Nepal

Of course, finding the perfect gift is one of the most baffling parts of the holidays, but we’re definitely here to make it easier. With Himalayan Glacier, your travel package gifts are:

  • Tangible: We’ll present you with a digital, printable gift voucher for your loved ones. Imagine their surprise when they find out you’ve booked them an extraordinary trip!
  • Redeemable at a later time: With us, your booking doesn’t mean immediate travel. You can book now, and travel later at your convenience!
  • Customizable: We pride ourselves on tailor-made travel to fit each individual and their needs. Tweak the details of your gift to cater to your loved one’s preferences!
  • Exchangeable: In case you want to change your mind, we’ll be happy to exchange the booked trip with another package of your choice!   

If you want more details about these trips and packages and our Christmas offers, you can contact us! We’d be happy to help. And if you need any help planning for their surprise, or have any questions on how to go about planning the perfect trip for them, you can contact our travel experts, or WhatsApp us at +1-410-307-0007. Happy holidays!

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