View from top of Mera Peak

Mountain Climbing for Beginners: Choose the Right Mountain to Climb

If you are new to mountaineering, a comprehensive guide for mountain climbing for beginners is the best place to start to learn more about this exhilarating adventure. Mountain climbing is not just a physical endeavor, but it is a fuel for a deeper connection with nature. The process of ascending and descending the summit of...
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Flights to Nepal from USA

USA to Nepal Flight: Fly to the Land of Himalayas

While planning your trip to Nepal, the mode of transportation is probably your first concern. Understanding your need, we have come up with well-curated USA to Nepal flight details to answer all your potential questions. From the flight duration and average cost to the availability of direct and connecting flights and transit points, we aim...
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Procedure for Manaslu Trek Permit

How to get a Manaslu trek permit – Costs and Fees?

Manaslu Circuit is a remote destination in Nepal that is opened to trekkers since 1991. Adventure tourists in Nepal can enjoy wilderness and authentic village experiences with Manaslu trek permit. It is one of the finest trekking circuits in Nepal where people can trek during all four seasons. The Manaslu trek permit costs around $7...
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Guests at Everest Base Camp one of the best hikes in the world

10 Best Hikes in the World with Breathtaking Hiking Trails

If you are wondering which hiking trail to explore next, our list of the top 10 best hikes in the world will help you pick the right one. This well-curated compilation of 10 of the world’s best hikes is worth your travel bucket list entry. Hiking is an amazing way to explore places and it...
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Celebrating Upper Mustang Teji Festival

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival 2024

Color, Splendor, chanting, and dancing are all unexpected elements during a regular hike. However, on the Mustang Tiji festival hike, you will experience all that and more. Tiji festival or the Tenchi festival is locally referred to as Tenpa Chirim. An eagerly-awaited festival, Tiji marks the end of a long drought and consists of prayers...
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Upper Mustang Trek with Permit Cost

Why Mustang Is So Special: 10 Reasons It Made the New York Times’ 2024 List.

The Mustang Region in Nepal is a fascinating area that blends natural and cultural attractions. It is located in northern Nepal, in the Himalayas, and is part of the Gandaki Province, sharing borders with Tibet to the north. Mustang is renowned for its rich culture, ancient monasteries, breathtaking landscapes, and the protected city of Lo...
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A detailed insights into trekking in Nepal

How to be prepared for trekking in Nepal?

Nepal is an exciting, rewarding as well as challenging destination for adventure activities like trekking. Even though it is small in size, Nepal has a lot to offer when it comes for trekking and adventure activities. You have varieties of options to choose from. Regardless of your experience, time and budget you have an option...
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Trekkers on their way to everest base camp during the best season to visit Nepal

Best Season to Visit in Nepal

Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal is a country of remarkable diversity, offering visitors a plethora of natural wonders and cultural delights. With a rich variety of topography and altitude, Nepal is home to a range of climates, each with its own unique beauty. Visitors to this magical land can experience tropical to...
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Lukla one of the reasons to go on Everest Base Camp Trek

Top 8 reasons to go on Everest Base Camp Trek

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to the top of the world? The trek to Everest Base Camp is a thrilling adventure that attracts adventurers from all around the world. This incredible journey will take you to a magnificent height of approximately 5,644m (18,267 ft).  As you walk through lush forests of rhododendron and pine,...
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Upper Mustang Trek with Permit Cost

Upper Mustang Trekking Permit & Cost 2023

Upper Mustang, a paradise for avid trekkers, is nestled in the captivating Himalayas of Nepal. However, exploring the remote region of the Upper Mustang without an Upper Mustang Permit is not possible. This territory was not accessible to the outside world until 1992, and only a few visitors were allowed. It has only been a...
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