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Himalayan Glacier Adventure & Travel Company offers mainly three categories of Adventure Travel Holidays in the Himalayas, Tanzania, South Asia, India, and its sub-continents, China, and Mongolia. Those trips are Culture & Leisure Tours, Trekking & Walking Holidays and Climbing & Expedition in the ice and snowy mountains.

It is mandatory for our clients to be protected against comprehensive expenses likely to incur due to health issues, accidents, flight cancelation, trip cancelation (due to pandemic, regional epidemic, political riots and protests, natural calamities), to join any of our trips. However, the insurance coverage is not necessarily the same for different travel packages. 

A relaxed trip is not possible without good travel insurance. In the event of any sickness or injury, the cost of emergency treatment and evacuation is quite shocking. Therefore, we strongly recommend travel insurance for everyone who signs up with Himalayan Glacier. We recommend you to be careful while choosing a policy as some insurance companies make special exceptions for adventure travel. Before buying your insurance, make sure your insurer is aware of the Himalayan Glacier adventure itinerary that you are going to undertake and is agreeable to cover all activities being undertaken in the trip. 

For Example, if you are planning trekking or climbing/expedition in the Himalayas, your insurance must cover emergency air ambulance/helicopter rescue, including medical expenses. For a group tour in the urban areas, your insurance coverage of air ambulance or helicopter rescue is not mandatory; however, it is better to have them with you. Again, there is no possibility of helicopter rescue for Tibet trips, so it is not necessary to buy the air ambulance coverage in Tibet trips. Also, check your insurance policy firmly to include trip cancellation, as all deposits paid are non-refundable.

Insurance for Culture & Leisure Tours

Culture & Leisure Tours usually do not involve traveling to risky zones or high altitudes; thus, they do not require advanced travel insurance. However, your insurance should cover medical issues, pandemic, epidemic, flight cancelation, and trip cancelation issues for these tours.

Trekking & Walking Holidays

The difficulty level on different trekking areas varies mainly due to the altitude and the mountain terrain, which might pose a high risk of life. You might need an emergency evacuation in areas where roads and hospitals are not accessible. You must inform your insurance company about the maximum altitude that you will be trekking to for these types of trips. Accordingly, your insurance company will cover emergency search, evacuation, and medical issues. Also, don’t forget to include trip cancelation in the insurance coverage. Before buying your insurance policy, please contact one of our travel consultants for more details. 

Climbing & Expedition

Climbing & Expedition trips are extremely risky. You will be climbing with ropes on ice and snow in the mountain cliffs, and there is a high risk of fatality. For these trips, you will require advanced rescue insurance, whose premium is usually a bit higher. Insurance companies offer policies based on the altitude that you will be tackling during your trip. Remember – search, rescue, and advanced medical insurances are mandatory for your climbing & expedition trips with us.

You need to send us a copy of your insurance policy details or carry it with you while you come for the trip. If you cannot present the insurance required for a Himalayan Glacier trip, then considering your safety, we might have to cancel your trip.  

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Lastly, Himalayan Glacier is a travel and adventure company, which offers the best travel and adventure packages. Our suggestions are solely for our clients’ ease. These are only recommendations based on the selections and experiences of our customers in the past. Do not hesitate to choose the one that is best for you. You are free to find the insurance company of your choice that provides the required coverage.  

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