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Significant Glance Into Nepal

Are you planning to visit Nepal in your near future? If so, then we reckon it to be a great resolution. Now, it is quite tricky for a first-time traveler to decide where to stay, what to see and what to eat. No matter how much you travel around the world, visiting a new country is certainly a challenge in so many ways. Here we present the Nepal Travel Guide comprising essential travel information right from the basics to the most unprecedented and practical guidelines that will ease a bit of your perplexities and make your trip in Nepal exciting and memorable.

Introducing Nepal

Popularity Of Nepal

Nepal is known for so many things including being the land of the highest mountain in the world as well as the birthplace of the great Buddhist preacher, Lord Buddha. Likewise, there are many such other places of interest and activities to take up depending on what you are into.

Weather & Climate

Nepal has a diverse weather and climatic variation comprising mainly four seasons namely autumn (or fall), winter, spring, and summer (also monsoon). As a matter of fact, the seasons in Nepal are pretty much the same as that of Europe while quite contrasting to that of Australian seasons. It is cold in December-January while in June-July you could do with just shorts and T-shirts.

Internet & SIM Card

The use of internet is growing rapidly in Nepal although only about 9% of Nepal’s population used internet back in 2011. It has almost become a basic service in the lives of the Nepalese people. The cellular or mobile coverage is one of the chief drivers of the internet connectivity and its usage.

Electricity And Electronic Devices

The standard voltage of electricity in Nepal is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. If the standard voltage in your country is in between 220 and 240 V, as it would be in the UK, Europe, Australia, and most of Asia and Africa, you can use your electric or electronic appliances in Nepal without a voltage converter.


Nepalese Cuisine

The food eaten in Nepal by the entire population or the Nepalese cuisine comprises a variety of food items based on the ethnicity and geographical diversity. The universal food of Nepal, regardless of the cultural or geographical location, is Dal-Bhaat-Tarkari.

Namaste Nepal

Cultural Tips

Nepal is broadly a very conventional and orthodox society with deep cultural essence in Buddhism and Hinduism along with a byzantine tribal and caste system. With respects to the multi-cultural customs and taboos prevalent in the country, foreign travelers are encouraged to observe these to gain personal respect in return.

Plan your Trip

Design your traveling plans diligently and make necessary adjustments to get the best out of your holidays
Secure your shelter from the top picks of hotels

Best Places To Stay In Nepal

The best places to stay in Nepal depend on what a traveler is looking for: comfort or price. Prices will vary considerably depending on the traveling season, type and standard of accommodation and location. Teahouses and lodges are common in the trekking trails while budget guesthouses or mid-range guesthouses are more widespread in cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. Other accommodation options are hotels and resorts that may be very basic to 5 star luxurious ones.

Seasons to spend your leisure days in Nepal

Best Time For Leisure Tours

Like any other adventure trips or cultural holiday, the best time for leisure tours in Nepal is obviously during the spring season and autumn or fall season. During these seasons, the weather is pleasant with efficient sunlight and warmth. The sky is clear and allows travelers to truly enjoy the remarkable Nepalese landscape completely along with the panoramic Himalayan backdrops.

Pick your preferable season for adventure

Best Time For Adventure Travel

Generally speaking, the best time to visit Nepal is during spring (March to May) and autumn or fall (September to November). During these seasons, the weather is pleasant with efficient sunlight and warmth. The sky is clear which means that you can truly enjoy the remarkable Nepalese landscape complete with the panoramic Himalayan vista. Coincidentally, these seasons are also considered the best time for adventure travel in Nepal.

Flip over Nepal’s historical landmarks

Top Attractions

Nepal is a remarkably an all-embracing country that has a numerous of reasons to attract visitors throughout the year. While some are attracted by the call of the high mountains, many others are impressed by the cultural and religious heritages of the country. Few others come to Nepal in pursuit of spiritual awakening with religious beliefs. There are few other travelers who perceive Nepal as a playground and visit for some extreme adventures. 

Get going with short exciting tours

20 Most Popular Day Tours In Nepal

Short day tours provide great opportunities to enjoy the cultural heritage, the natural beauty and the picturesque views of the landscapes and breathtaking backdrops in the eminent land of the Himalayas. Usually, starting early morning and ending in the evening on the same day, these private day trips have lots of options so that travelers can opt to extend their tour.

While you’re there

Grab all the information beforehand and experience life in Nepal like a local to avoid confusions and annoyances

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Before you go

Prepare yourself with the essentials well before you actually fly to Nepal for the trip of your lifetime

Getting into Nepal

Autumn from late September to mid-November and spring from late February to late March are high seasons for tourist … read more

Passport & Visa

Everyone needs a visa to enter into Nepal except Indian nationals. Citizens of the SAARC nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh …  read more

Health & Vaccine

Both public and private sectors provide health care services in Nepal though the services may not be up to mark … read more

40 Things You Should Know Before You Arrive

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Travelers are bound to pick the best choice for drinking water, whether it is bottled water, boiled water or purified water by adding purification tablets … read more

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