Why Himalayan Glacier?

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Himalayan Glacier Adventures, LLC ® is the #1 guiding adventure travel company on Mount Everest Base Camp and beyond with 98% success rate.

All the holiday packages and adventure trips that we offer have guaranteed departure unless there are unforeseen events out of our control, such as epidemics, pandemics, political riots, natural disasters, governmental restrictions, and so on. With no contemplation, we are the acknowledged experts in trekking and climbing in the Himalayas, the most popular being the Everest Base Camp Trek – one of the most recognized life-changing trekking and hiking experiences in your lifetime. More than this, Himalayan Glacier is a leader in Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circle Trek, Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes, Island Peak Climb, Mera Peak Climb, spiritual Kailash & Mansarovar Yatra, Bhutan Trek, Nepal Tour, Bhutan Tour, Tibet Tour, Tibet Trek, Ladakh Trek, Incredible Indian Tour, Myanmar Tour, China Tour, Vietnam Tour, Bali Tour, Cambodia Experience, Discover Philippines Tour, Romantic Thailand Tour, Honeymoon Maldives Vacation, Sri Lankan Adventure Tour, Exotic Asia Tours. Because of the growing demand for our travel communities, we have started offering Kilimanjaro Climb from the year 2018.

As connoisseurs in the travel & adventure industry, we have a great number of extraordinary treks and tours with refined itineraries to offer to our patrons. These distinguished experiences range anywhere from cultural heritage, wildlife, food and photography tours to mountain leisure tours, extreme Himalayan adventures and mountain climbing. Amongst many remarkable tours, our Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet Tour is one of the most opted leisure tours in the magnificent Himalayan region covering THREE countries! Above all, we are affordable in the adventure and travel marketplace.

Himalayan Glacier is a little different from other adventure & tour operators. Each of our holidays is truly a tailor-made package that we design for all ages, groups, families & solo travelers. We offer you complete choice and freedom. Like a fine Italian suit, we can customize our packages to fit your preference. Our Adventure specialists are extremely experienced and knowledgeable of the local places who can create the perfect vacation for you, filled with adventure and intrigue. Time to ditch the beaches and hit the hills!!”

We always assign one of our dedicated destination specialists for planning and assisting you throughout the entire journey from the very beginning onwards till the end of your holiday. We serve you 24/7. As soon as we receive your inquiry, someone from our team, through our operation around the world, will get back to you within 12 hours based on your interests, tastes, budget, and destination.

Stay in touch with Himalayan Glacier to create your journey of a lifetime with ease.

98% Success Rate

Confronting the world’s highest mountain successfully is defined by our team efforts, we value your time, your money & your DREAM!

Our Success – We are fully committed to paying you back in wonderful memories that you can cherish forever!

Good consultation and planning well before the trip leads to a successful trip. We strive to keep you healthy and fit by doing all that must be done before and during the entire journey. As a result, we have high success rates of all the trekking routes including Everest Base Camp and peak climbing in the Himalayas. How do we succeed? Travel with us to find out!

Expert Travel Consultants

Expert consultants guide you from day one on your physical and mental preparation. Based on your experience and fitness, they will assist with what to choose and recommend the best for you. Our travel experts provide even the smallest piece of information regarding the trip that leads to success. We have detailed information on each program as we understand that you may have lots of questions on travel dates, whether the full itinerary can fit in your work-off period or we need to customize the itinerary to suit your travel time, etc. Please remember we are always here to help you and answer any questions you may have. Our patrons choose us because of our unparalleled customer service, being a family-owned business. We care about each and every individual’s preference and make sure you are fully informed in detail before making a decision.

Trek & Climb Itineraries

We craft all trekking and climbing itineraries with utmost care to allow sufficient acclimatization, which many companies fail to do. Without proper time for acclimatization trekkers can become ill if they are not used to the high altitudes. We wouldn’t have succeeded without focusing on itineraries designed to deal with acclimatizing for Everest Base Camp trek and many more. This is the main reason why we have the highest Everest Base Camp summit success, which is 98%. Can you believe it? Himalayan Glacier specializes in all the trekking and climbing tours in Everest, Annapurna, Bhutan, Tibet, and Kilimanjaro.

Travel & Tour Itineraries

Traveling is to discover new places, meet different peoples, and experience local culture and taste new foods. Usually, many operators take you to the more touristic places, but all our itineraries are prepared to provide you the experiential tours. Our local guides will take you to the hidden markets where locals buy their needs and take you off the touristic places for you to have an authentic experience. We offer a wide range of tours all the way from South Asia and Mongolia to Africa and many more are yet to be announced as we embark on this journey of bringing people to their happy place.

Experienced & Knowledgeable Guides

When you are visiting remote places, things can be unpredictable and situations can change quickly. It is important to have a guide who can read those situations, communicate with you and take actions bearing your safety in mind. Our technically proficient government-certified local guides who are Wilderness First Aid (WFA) trained will safeguard you from all possible threats on a trip. Their well-informed instructions keep you moving forward to face every challenge and have a safe and successful trip. All our trekking & climbing guides are extremely experienced and knowledgeable, certified guides from the local government. Each of them has been to Everest Base Camp over 30 times. All our adventure guides are fluent in English and can explain to you about mountains, culture, and history of the destination you are visiting. Communication is very important while on the trek or tour. Yet, many cheap operators deploy inexperienced guides to lead the trek causing miscommunication and failure of the trek leaving you with a terrible experience. You can avoid the awful experience when you have a well-informed and a highly experienced guide along with you.

All Himalayan Glacier’s cultural, romantic & leisure experiences are guided by local government-certified guides in each destination. We do not use only one guide for a multi-country trip to cut down costs, but rather give you the maximum of local experiences. We have been getting positive feedbacks from our experiences in the past and we are continuing this further. It is quite obvious that a Myanmar local guide knows more about the local experiences and history than the guide from the US. Also, being a responsible company, we are more inclined to support local people and their income that will establish sustainable tourism. Because once the locals understand about the benefits from tourism, then they start becoming responsible towards protecting the environment and its conservation. This is why Himalayan Glacier is totally different from other luxury and expensive operators.

Maximum Staff Ratio

Trekking and climbing in the mountains is an enormous challenge and also risky without qualified and sufficient support team members. Being the #1 climbing service company, we have a lead guide, a support guide and a porter for every two members climb. If the members increase, the main lead guide will remain the same, but the assistant guides & porters will be increased accordingly. Let’s say if there are 4 people on the trek, you will have 1 lead guide, 2 assistant guides and 2 porters for your trip. In the event of anybody getting sick or injured, one assistant guide and one porter will stay behind with the affected person while the rest of the hikers will continue so that it doesn’t affect other members. Some cheap operators, as a way of cutting down costs, do not allocate sufficient crew members resulting in a trip failure. This applies to both treks and climbs in the Himalayas as well as Kilimanjaro. But in Kilimanjaro and some other bigger expeditions, we will have more porters because on these expeditions we need to carry lots of logistical equipment and gears. Usually, on culture & leisure tours, there will be one lead tour guide, driver and assistant guide each for the larger group.

Flexibility on Walking

Hiking is not just walking to cover up a certain distance set for the day. Trekkers wish to spend time around on the trails, take pictures of fascinating sceneries, and breathe in a sense of the fauna and flora species. Walk at your own pace – there is no time set to reach the day’s lodge. Rest when you are tired, take pictures at fascinating places. We don’t push slow walkers to go faster than their normal speed!

Everest Base Camp Success Rate

Best Price Guarantee

A surety of booking at the best rate for all our trips with optimum service standards!

Effort and Hope – We strive and hope our best price guarantee gives our clients the comfort as much as we can, to offer the best deals.

We hope the above best price guarantee gives you comfort in our ability to bring you the best deals. With Himalayan Glacier Adventure & Travel Company®, you get high quality service without the inflated cost for any group size. Our goal is to work with you to create the ideal itinerary based on your needs, abilities and desires. We can help you plan every aspect of your trek & climb, even tours, providing everything you need for a successful summit and enjoyable experience. Won’t you join us on the roof of the world, exotic Asia and roof of Africa?

At Himalayan Glacier, we guarantee the best price for the trips that we offer to our clients. If you find a lower price for the same trip elsewhere within 24 hours, provided you get the same services that we offer with our price, then we will refund you the difference to match the lower rate that you discovered. Our Best Price Guarantee does not apply if you found a lower price on another website using your special membership card or other loyalty offerings. Also, it will not be considered valid if another trip provider offers any rewards or special promotion programs thereby lowering the trip cost.

The highest standards of safety operations

Complying with safety rules and procedures is our first priority, without which our commitment becomes futile and pointless!

Cost effective approaches and responsible persons maintaining occupational safety and health are our key focus.

Safety of our clients is our paramount concern. Our itinerary, one-on-one information to you, hygienic food & lodging, experienced and knowledgeable mountain leader, right staff ratio and emergency back-up plan will ensure that your trek and climb is safe and secure with Himalayan Glacier Adventure and Travel Company. Cheap operators can’t afford these conditions, so choosing Himalayan Glacier, a renowned operator with long years of practical experience, safety records and highest success records is the key. Doing over and over again through the years, it has been recognized that prioritizing the safety of trekkers is the supreme criterion leading to success and we do have a ZERO DEATH record. Travelers have trusted us for almost three decades now – that is why we are here, still thriving! What are our safety protocols?


Experience and certification are two different values. What does certification on climb and trek mean? There are lots of mountain guides who possess only certification and work for cheap operators, but Himalayan Glacier guides are highly experienced and knowledgeable because they have started their careers as porters and finally becoming full-fledged government certified guides. Himalayan Glacier guides are Wilderness First Aids (WFA) trained leaders possessing proven safety records and are competent in all WFA operations with expertise in personal protection equipment.

Highly Experienced Guides

With several years of practical experience & knowledge in the mountains, Himalayan Glacier guides are highly professional and experienced to lead climbs and treks such as the Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circle Trek, Manaslu Trek, Everest Three Pass Trek, Everest Base Camp Climb via Gokyo & Cho La Pass, Island Peak Climb, Mera Peak Climb, Bhutan Trek, Ladakh Trek, Tibet Trek, Kilimanjaro Climb, etc. They are technically proficient for safe, enjoyable and successful climbs.

Right Staff Ratio

The right number of trekking guides and porters ensures the highest standard of safety and well-being, as well as record success in a group of travelers. We do not fail to allocate sufficient number of leaders, guides, assistants, and porters to facilitate smooth operations. The staff ratio on Himalayan Glacier Lodge to Lodge Trek, not applicable for Kilimanjaro climb and other extreme expeditions is:
2 trekkers – I lead guide, 1 assistant guide, and 1 porter
4 trekkers – 1 lead guide, 2 assistant guides, and 2 porters


Communication is a vital element where there is limited road access and other facilities in the remote mountain regions. Our guides are equipped with cell phones and satellite phones during trekking and peak-climbing. They stay connected with the department of operations at the Kathmandu office with everyday updates. This will allow the office to track the real-time situation whether clients are doing well or if there is any difficulty in a member’s health. Regular communication between the guides and the office helps to make the right decision on trying time in case of emergency. Also, Himalayan Glacier operational team contacts the clients regularly to know about their real feelings and experiences in the mountains. By doing so, we get to know more about the comfort of lodging, and whether they are enjoying their food, or if they are facing any difficulties, or anything about the staff.

Emergency Evacuation

“First Safety then Adventure.” There are no medical facilities along the trekking trails and in case of injury, severe altitude sickness, or natural disaster, there is no other alternative other than air ambulance to bring you back to the city for advanced treatment. Himalayan Glacier has a good partnership with helicopter companies for your immediate rescue during these conditions.


Group and Tailor-made Travel

The flexibility and exclusiveness of all our trips let visitors travel on their own suitable dates!

Unfold your each magical day and get immersed in your trip just as you fancied…..your time, your way!

Striking a balance between well-planned itineraries and spare time, there’s a lot of proposals from our handpicked local experts. Traveling in a group or with custom-made plans designed by an expert trip planner is a way to avoid frustrating experiences. Whether it is a group tour or a private tour, the ultimate expectation is a seamless, fun-filled and hassle-free experience. Offering insider travel advice along with a true flavor of the exotic locations, Himalayan Glacier is committed to sharing amazing experiences. What’s your preference? Travel with other like-minded people or go in a more flexible and personalized way?

Group Departure Travel

A perfect choice for solo travelers looking to join with like-minded people having similar interests and expectations. Sharing your expenses with a group is definitely a huge advantage but in any case, it might not work for you. As we are a tailor-made company, you have a choice to make the plan of your own adventure with Himalayan Glacier.

Tailor-made Travel

People are extremely busy nowadays. It is very hard to match with the exact date that other people are traveling. You might have questions about traveling with the people you don’t know and it may not be quite comfortable for you. Lots of people think whether traveling in a small team costs more. Well, that is not true with Himalayan Glacier. If you plan your dates or tailor-make your itinerary, or even stick to our existing itinerary, we guarantee you that it is not expensive at all. In fact, it is an amazing opportunity for you to enjoy your dream holidays without any hassle at a reasonable price.

Guaranteed Departure

A lot of big corporate travel companies have a minimum number of travelers required (usually 12+) to run a trip and if this criteria is not fulfilled, then they might cancel your trip or ask you to pay an extra supplementary charge. Think about it. Assume that your trip is a month away and you’re all set with the vacation time approved by your office. You’ve told all your friends about your trip and then, they cancel the trip at the last moment. It would be a last minute panic nobody ever wants to deal with.

At Himalayan Glacier we build trust and encourage repeat bookings with our clients. Giving you peace of mind and more confidence to book your adventure holiday with us, we do not cancel any guaranteed departure trips. Once you book your trip with us, they will run 100%, except due to reasons such as political instabilities, epidemics in the traveling destination or any reasons beyond our control. Even then you can always reschedule your trips on a later date in the future, no worries!

Secure or Timeless Deposit

Reliability and confidence are two significant aspects in terms of payment – our trustworthiness has a long history!

Book with confidence – you are in safe hands and all your hard-earned money is secure for a high-quality value trip

Booking an adventure holiday online is a difficult task, spending hours to find one from the hundreds. Your holiday time is very important after a long work break and you are spending lots of money. It is not as easy as booking a $100 hotel room or buying a gift voucher. There are lots of frauds and scams happening around while booking randomly with cheap operators. When you book your holidays with Himalayan Glacier, you can book with confidence because we have decades of trustworthy history. We are officially registered and operate in 3 countries around the world. With Himalayan Glacier, all your hard-earned money is secure for a high-quality value trip. The substantial amount or full payment for a trip that travelers make to Himalayan Glacier is a guaranteed lifetime deposit. We won’t charge you a single penny for no-service. We are a fully licensed and authorized tour operator in the USA and UK.

No Cancellation Fee

Change your itinerary or the travel date or even your travel destination, we do not levy you any form of cancellation fee unless otherwise stated under our booking Terms & Conditions, but we will keep your money as lifetime DEPOSIT for future trips.

Transferable Deposits

In case of cancellation or inability to make it in the current year or even in the next few years, you can easily pass on your booked trip (deposit or full amount) to your friends, family or relatives as per your will, unless stated otherwise. If things don’t turn up right and you need to reschedule your travel date to a later time, you can keep your deposit for a lifetime. Usually other operators do not allow you this privilege; they either charge a minimum of 25-40 % of the trip cost, or if you cancel before a month, you lose all the payment.

Endorse for a future trip

If it happens that you need to cancel or delay your trip for any reason, your deposit will remain safe and valid until you plan for a future trip.


Family-Owned and Operated

Family involvement in management and the commitment leads to better understanding of the organization and stronger customer relationships!

More customer-friendly and more approachable that we are, our family connection, we believe, gives positive associations.

Himalayan Glacier is a 100% family-owned and a family-run company that was founded by a far-sighted dynamic young man SAGAR PANDEY in a tiny office space in Kathmandu, Nepal in 1992. Since then, the company that initially started with a goal to provide the best experience in Nepal and the Himalayas has grown to offer treks, climbs and leisure tours in four major Himalayan countries – Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Tibet. Now, Tanzania as a new addition makes Himalayan Glacier one of the most successful boutique adventure companies in the country. More than 10 thousand people have successfully reached Everest Base Camp without a single death report so far. The company has become the #1 personalized and tailor-made Adventure and Travel Company. The reason behind the tremendous success is the qualified and happy team comprising travel consultants, guides, climbers, and the porters. The team consistently works round the clock making sure about the safety, success and enjoyable holidays of our customers.

In 2019 Sagar’s son, SANKET PANDEY joined the company and began operation of the USA office in Baltimore, MD, USA to support all our North American patrons. Now Kathmandu office is working as a strong operational office. To operate all our Himalayan tours or holidays, we do not use any third parties as we have our own team making us competent both in service as well as price. Similarly, Sagar’s brother SABIN PANDEY also joined the company officially in 2019 and began operation of the Northern Ireland & UK office to support and develop adventure and travel business in UK & Europe. Now, we have been recognized as the #1 Adventure and Travel Company in the USA specialized for ASIA, HIMALAYAS, and KILIMANJARO CLIMB. We are the pioneers in guiding Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Island Peak Climbing, other 6,000 meter (19,685 feet) peak climbing, Kilimanjaro Climb, Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, Leisure and Culture tours to Nepal, India, Tibet tours, Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Tanzania, and many more Asian Tours.

Responsible & Sustainable Travel

Improving lives and protecting places for future are our ways to show we are responsible and boost sustainable practices!

Making positive impact on the environment, society, and economy as a tourist helps making better places to live in and better places for people to visit

Earth is our home, and until Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos or some other genius figures out a way to move to another planet, it is our only home and the home of every species of animals and plants. As a responsible operator, we must be cautious to educate and take action to implement how our actions can minimize the impact on the environment and create maximum opportunities to the local people living for centuries waiting for a better life. Himalayan Glacier improves the lives of local people by bringing opportunities for business and employment and these people play an active role to protect nature, culture, and wildlife for the future generation! Conserving the natural environment, supporting local businesses, and supporting cultural projects are the three major pillars we focus to engage seriously with the issue of sustainable travel in places we travel. Let’s support local people and businesses making them more responsible through our small efforts. Himalayan Glacier is always committed in striving to do better and the efforts are clearly visible to all our customers as well as our crew members while traveling with us. Why do we encourage sustainable tourism?

Save Environment for Future

Our guide and support team are trained as much as possible to minimize the impacts through our activities. We also advise travelers to minimize carbon footprints, reduce air travel, use minimum water as possible, discourage plastic packaging, bring back the non-bio-degradable waste with them, and not to use plastic bottles for drinking water. We encourage using boiled or purified water for drinking and not to disturb the wildlife while traveling. We work together with our team, local people and local lodge owners “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”! “SAVE THE MOUNTAIN FOR FUTURE GENERATION”

Empowerment of Local Communities

Local Staffs: We do our best to support the local communities by employing local people for the local offices and field guides. Even in the mountains, their aspirations are diverse and we try to help those people get the support they need to achieve their dreams:

Support Children’s Education: We support local communities where we are traveling. We must give something back to the people. In 2002, our founder started a non-profit and a non-governmental organization named Child Environment Nepal (www.cennepal.org.np) to work for supporting the mountain children’s education. We supported hundreds of children’s school education, built more than 5 schools, and provided electricity where students had been using kerosene lamps. We also helped with students’ health and sanitation especially for the poor and the under-privileged.

We encourage hikers to volunteer in building schools and teach English language, music or sports as public schools have neither good English teachers nor music and sports facilities. Please join with us to make a difference. Your small help of penny, participation, and support will also encourage us to keep continuing with our projects.


Government Certified Guides

Trained, trusted and tested leaders are authorized to serve visitors to the best of their capabilities!

One of the few reasons why there have been 98% success rates on the several base camp summits and other trekking trips

It is very important to trust the training as well as the several years of hands-on experience of your guide – especially when you are thinking of making a successful trip in the Himalayas or Asia. All our guides are certified by the local government authorities. All your Everest Base Camp trekking guides and expedition leaders are certified by NATHM (Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hospital Management) that educate, train and certify their jobs. All Himalayan Glacier mountain guides are well trained, tested young, Wilderness First Aids certified mountain leaders who have fluency in speaking English. Cheap operators use uncertified guides who are freelancers and inexperienced because they can’t afford to pay the quality guide that we possess.

Fluent in English

Himalayan Glacier’s official language is English unless we receive special requests from our clients. If you are looking for a different language speaking guide, such as Spanish, Russian, French or Italian, we will arrange for you a freelancing guide. This will, however, cost an extra charge as different-language speaking guides need to be pre-booked and their rates are higher than the English speaking guides. Without the best communication, your trip can not be successful and enjoyable; we always make sure the level of communication is up to mark. Most of our guides have been with us for more than 10 years and some of them have served even up to 20 plus years.

Well Paid

We believe in fair pay. We are one of the few companies who make sure all our guides are adequately compensated. That is one reason why we have with us our loyal guides working for long years. Most of our guides have more than 20 years of field experience. Do you wanna know the secret? Loyalty towards our employees and putting them before profits. It is that simple, yet many cheap operators fail to understand this simple formula for success.

Leadership Trained

A good leader is a key factor for all successful trips. “Every leader can be a great guide, but every guide cannot be a great leader”. Every year, Himalayan Glacier places all the guides for leadership training on a regular basis, which makes the standard of our guides beyond all competitions. Without the leadership skills and proper training, a guide cannot make the right decision at the right time. This is very important, especially in the mountains because you do not have time to think and consult with the office as sometimes the communication gets unreliable in the remote areas and the guides will have to take prompt decisions and respond accordingly

Intensive Wilderness First Aid Trained

Trips in the wilderness do not guarantee safety unless backed up with first aid knowledge and training. There are no hospitals or health centers in every place in the mountains. Our highly professional guides are WFA trained and act as medical assistants during emergencies in the mountains until bringing a sick hiker back to the nearest hospital or to the city. Guides treat from their extensive first aids medical kit, which is mandatorily to be carried by the lead guide on all trips.

All Himalayan Glacier’s trekking and peak climbs in Nepal require guides who are qualified, experienced and certified to lead all 6,000 m/19,685 ft. and higher peaks. These peaks are steep rocks with ice and snow where climbers must maintain high safety precaution. Rest assured that all our climbing guides have the capability of your successful peak climbing as most of them are Everest summiteers. Your climbing guide starts a journey with you from day one to the summit and returns back to Kathmandu.

The next venture for people who climb Everest Base Camp is usually climbing the Island Peak and Mera Peak. They might need to have the experience of using ropes, screw, crampon, and harness, if not the ice picks. It is not a matter of worry because these peaks are offered for beginners and our expert climbers will teach them about their operation at the base camp training session.

High Altitude Evacuations Trained

“Safety First” is our motto. We do not compromise your safety at any cost in the mountains, which is crucial. It is truly sad that lots of cheap operators fool around with a trekker’s life. We have a ZERO DEATH record on our more than 2 decades of operation, why? A guide needs to make the right decision at the right time, so they deserve to be trained on High Altitude evacuation. It is unprecedented as to when or where the need for evacuation arises while trekking or climbing in the high mountains where there are no medical facilities or road connectivity in case of an emergency to bring back to the city’s hospital. There is no alternative, except rescue and evacuation by air ambulance, which is very troublesome to organize during the high season. Himalayan Glacier has a great partnership with Helicopter services and when required, we can arrange one immediately to rescue and save your life.

Unbiased Treatment of Porters

It is appreciable to recognize the hard work that the porters do to support climbing and trekking trips!

Porters are the integral parts of all climbs as they bear the burden on their backs throughout the entire trip.

 Any expedition or a climb would not run as smoothly as it needs to, or even impossible in some cases, without a porter’s help. What happens to your trip if they fall sick in the mountains? There is a huge stress for guides because of the lack of porters as you do not get an alternative to another porter in the middle of nowhere. Yet, there are lots of cases and evidences that porters are being exploited heavily in many ways mainly being UNDERPAID, OVERLOADED, UNDER FED, and POORLY SHELTERED during treks and also their poor gear or equipment, including worn-out boots and torn jackets. Due to the rise in the number of cheap/budget operators, the conditions for porters have not been better as they try to cut their cost in every way possible, which overlooks the safety and well-being of the porters.

At Himalayan Glacier, we love and treat our porters more than anyone in the team, which is why they prefer to work with us over other tour companies. Porters are the ones who carry the majority of a trekker’s baggage in varied terrains and dangerous pathways. They deserve equal respect and appreciation without being exploited. How do we keep our porters’ satisfied? Let’s discuss the facts of how the mountain porters are exploited whether in Everest Base Camp Climb or Kilimanjaro Climb.

Fair Pay

Ultimately, a job is required to sustain a livelihood and everyone in this world deserves a fair pay for their contributions. Himalayan Glacier is one of the very few operators protecting porter rights and offering fair wages without any discrimination as we know they are the ones carrying the major portion of the merchandise required during the climb. They are the strong foundation and backbones of the company and they always deserve the best while working with us again and again, each time with a great smile.

Never Overloaded

The load to the porter at Himalayan Glacier is always made sure to fit the porter. There is a strong guideline to all our guides and crew, as well as to our clients regarding the limit of the weight in the mountain that goes towards the porters. There is always an option of adding another porter if you have extra gear like cameras, tripods, etc. Even if you do not want to carry your day pack, we can arrange that accordingly, but we will never overload the porters to cut down costs. This is why we have a limit on the duffel bag weights for each client to 15 kg / 33 lbs and the porter will be carrying two-person’s bags with a total weight of 30 kgs / 66 lbs. But, sadly cheap operators compel their porters to carry up to 45 kg / 99 lbs and in some cases even more, to save money. We continue to lead by example to ensure that our unsung heroes are not forgotten.

Adequate Food

A lot of operators try to keep the porters out of your sight to avoid questions like how much are they carrying, where they sleep, and what they eat. Himalayan Glacier’s guides always make sure that the entire crew is eating and sleeping well. If they don’t have enough food, they will become weak in the mountains as they are carrying most of your load on the trek. Food in the mountain is relatively expensive and porters want to save money eating less. This is why we allocate enough budget to them to make sure that they eat enough as well as save money for their families.

Good Sleeping Shelter

As you know, the condition while trekking in the high mountains is windy and cold. So, do the porters have a good shelter for sleeping? Do they have beds and blankets warm enough? It is one of the key responsibilities of Himalayan Glacier to make sure that the porters have a good night’s sleep to be ready and healthy throughout the trek.

Proper Clothing for Trekking

Porters work seasonally and if a company doesn’t have enough business for them, they will look for jobs in different other companies. This is the biggest challenge in the industry, but Himalayan Glacier produces enough quality jobs for the porters and they are happy to work with us every year. We provide them with Himalaya Glacier’s jackets and trousers annually and make sure that they have the right items of clothing including shoes, jackets, windproof tops, warm hats, good boots, sunglasses, sun hats, warm socks, warm gloves, etc.

Comprehensive Insurance

Are your porters insured? It is very important to take care of the liabilities of our porters. As a preventive measure against any untoward incidents that may happen while in the mountains, we have insured all our porters for medical, death, and evacuation claims. So, while trekking or climbing with Himalayan Glacier, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Skill Development Training and Promotions

Most of our local trekking and climbing guides in the Himalayas and Kilimanjaro started their career as porters. From porters, they become assistant guides, then guides and finally the LEAD GUIDE or the LEADER. We always implement skill development plans for every staff ensuring them a hope of promotion and gradual career growth. This is why all our guides are with us for more than 10 years and some even more than 20 years. The reason why people continue to work with us for so many years is because there are opportunities. Learning and getting trained is a personal growth as well as the company’s overall growth. We enhance skill development programs and technical competencies to our porters. In due course of time, we upgrade and promote them as trekking assistants and eventually have them remarked as future trekking guides and group leaders. We also offer management trainee-programs if they do not want to be a guide and want to work in other aspects of operation like adventure consultants, IT etc.


Award Winning Company

Awards for doing good is an opportunity to strive to do the best!

Inspiration – Our global appreciation and acceptance based on reliability, service quality and business achievements

Global recognition: Behind every noticeable effort, it is an obvious natural trend to be lauded and spoken well of. We have been recognized to be providing world-class services to our customers by some major travel group of organizations. Likewise, it is a proud moment for us to be globally recognized and recommended on TripAdvisor, Travel Channel, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide and The New York Times.

We have been honored with prestigious awards each year as the best Adventure & Travel Operator in the HIMALAYAS, Asia & Kilimanjaro. We are the #1 tailor-made and Personalized Boutique Operator in international adventure and travel marketplace.

Leaders in Selfless Travel

Doing over and over again is a rigorous exercise for perfectionism!

Strength, passion and expertise are true colors of leadership – we inspire our clients to travel

Himalayan Glacier is a leader, not for numbers as such, but a leader for small group adventure & travel for personalized and selfless travel. Offering bigger adventures and a great sensation of personal achievements, Himalayan Glacier is a trailblazer. We have been moving ahead with every sustainable effort and the least environmental footprints making a difference in the travel world.

Decades of Expertise

All through the years, our expert guides belonging to the local communities have constantly struggled to enhance trips with authentic experiences, true discoveries, and cultural switchovers. We have come this far owing to our impartial advice, safety priorities, and amazing successful experiences to our clients.

Fully Inclusive Trips

Most of our adventurous trips such as the Everest Base Camp Climb, apart from the short day tours, are full-board inclusive trips. We take care of every detail from the very beginning of the trip. Picking up you at the airport, mouth-watering meals, comfortable private transport, comfortable accommodation, expert guides, and other top-notch service are all included in the trip cost. You only pay for your personal expenses while on an adventurous trip with us, nothing else!!



Craving for new experiences and new challenges is best tested when you travel diversely!
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Get exposed to new places and discover how resourceful you are –it’s the best way to overcome challenges and build confidence.

Himalayan Glacier isn’t quite a big company, but most definitely one of the best adventure travel companies with personalized and customized trips at the most fascinating places in the world. Beyond climbing Everest base camp we offer various other treks, climbs, indigenous experiences and leisure tours with diversified scopes of relaxing, rejuvenating, and learning. From the most popular Tanzania safaris to Bengal tiger tour in India, Kilimanjaro climb to trekking in the Himalayan realms and south Asian beaches to the Mongolian deserts, it is a perfect opportunity getting yourself challenged. We strive to help you realize your capabilities with our diversified destinations.

It is undoubtedly a moment of pride when you finish a trip at a new destination successfully. Imagine the feeling when you overcome your challenges getting atop Africa’s tallest mountain. We will let you experience something familiar and make you leave with new learning when you travel with us. Traveling to India, Cambodia or Mongolia will expand your perspective and give you the opportunity to reflect on your life. Traveling with us will surely help you create lifetime memories and make you love your home even more as we will replenish you with new knowledge and ideas at these destinations!


Over the course of 27+ years, Himalayan Glacier has had the pleasure in serving thousands of enthusiastic travelers. Here’s what some of them had to say about us!

Had the trip of a lifetime


Hello HG. Now that I have returned from Nepal and life is back to (boring) normal I wanted to give HG and all of its people a fantastic shout out! My brother and I had an amazing Trek to EBC. HG's planning throughout every stage of this trip was better than could be expected. From the airport pickup, hotel choice, the guide, the Teahouse stays, and all the way through to dropping us back off at the airport at the very end. Hg did a fantastic job and gave us very close attention. Our guide, Shanker, was fantastic. He attended to us every day and never was not there to help us in any way possible and we both made the journey without any problems thanks to him. We are 100 percent pleased with our decision to use HG for this trip. In a sea of Trekking companies to choose from, they were the perfect boat. We would tell anyone else who is shopping for a trekking company to use HG, and we would never return to Nepal without having them as our tour/trek operators. great job to everyone at HG. Cheers, Craig McDowell

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To review the trip of a lifetime.


Where does one begin? From the very first decision to venture to the other side of the world, the Universe tested our focus & determination to stay on the path. My girlfriend & I went through such crazy experiences as; delayed local flights, missed international flights, internationally-delayed baggage, a broken (soleless) hiking boot, severe knee injuries.. and all of this happened before we even stepped foot in Nepal.Ever-trusting, and absolutely delighted by the divine-comedy of it all, Amber & I arrived in Kathmandu 30 hours later than planned, missing our original expidition, as well as half of our gear & clothing. Luckily for us, Himalayan Glaciar had a backup plan. Narayan & the team sent our new guide, Dol, to pick us up from the airport. Thanks to some quick coordinations, we were able to grab a new pair of hiking boots, and pick up the delayed bag with a late-night trip to the airport. That night, we re-planned our EBC trek, skipping a rest day in order to finish in time for our international return flights.The very next morning, we were faced with the decision to continue waiting for our weather-delayed flight to Lukla, with the looming possibility of losing another day to finish the EBC trek... Or purchase helicopter tickets (more quick thinking by Dol) to get us started on our trek that same day. We obviously made the jump and hopped on the first Heli to the Himalayas!So Amber & I set out on the trek of a lifetime with our awesome guide Dol & newly met porter, Fullman. Embarking on an incredible journey that humbled us to the core and taught us how to trust the path, stay present, and to be grateful. There were many, many times that Dol's problem solving and HGT's connections saved our skins; medication for sickness, last-minute lodging (our whole trip had to be re-booked on the go), and much-needed advice in super cold conditions... We started as a team but truly became a family on the trip.On the day celebrated as Buddhas birthday & enlightenment (Nepalese full moon in May), Amber & I made it to Everest Base Camp, where we proposed & became engaged to each other. I honestly don't think we could have safely achieved this in the speedy time that we did without Dol, Fullman, and the team at Himalayan Glacier Trekking. You'd better believe that we flew down the mountain feeling as accomplished & elated as a Tibetan monk reaching his goal of nirva.My humble advice: Forget the destination, trust the path you are on, and the people around you. You're all there for a reason.Namaste

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