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Web Designer / IT Assistance - ONE (1)


  • Mid Level
  • Computer – Web Design
  • Full Time
  • More than ONE year experience (mandatory)
  • Bachelors in Computer Studies


Desirable criteria to be fulfilled:

  • A robust knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Familiarity with Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS3
  • Encouragement and preference to female candidatures
  • Passion for design, open to new ideas, and ever ready to learning processes



  • Mid Level (Ability to work on own initiative)
  • Computer – Web Programmer
  • Full Time
  • More than ONE year experience (mandatory)
  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science/Engineering or any IT related subjects


Desirable criteria to be fulfilled:

  • Significant experience to develop software using Laravel
  • Knowledge of Node.js, Angular.js or Vue.js
  • Familiarity with XML, SOAP, JSON & REST (Web Services) API Development
  • Knowledge of GIT and GIT Sub-versioning
  • Robust relational database skills; ability to write complex JOIN queries
  • Previous experience of configuring & using ANY or ALL including HTML5, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS3, & PHP
  • Develop, test and apply necessary code fixes and enhancements
  • Use web development software to integrate databases and other information systems
  • Knowledge of API Integrations
  • Coordinate with the team and resolve all complex application issues
  • Good command over English language and an impressive communication skill
  • Self-motivated, dynamic, innovative, responsible, creative and willing to learn new technologies

If you are confident about igniting the brightest spark with what we offer you as a firing material, send your CV right away with an impressive cover letter and salary expectations to hr@himalayanglacier.com

International Brand

Himalayan Glacier is allied worldwide with headquarters in Kathmandu and North America. We have affiliates in other countries including Bhutan, Tibet, India, and Russia. You will have a good fortune to go aboard international workspace.

Believe in Quality

With a highly competent management team having more than 26 years of expertise, we endeavor to render our ultimate spotlight towards quality. We NEVER negotiate with quality and excellence. Our work features quality. Our ethics have quality. Our belief dwells on quality.

Grow with Us

With a swarm of highly committed and fanatical 100+ employees, you will seize an undeniable opportunity to nurture yourself and escalate your growth. Grow along with us and boost up your intensity of self-confidence.

Why Build Your Career with Himalayan Glacier?

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