Why travel is the best gift for young graduates

There is nothing quite like graduating college. Surrounded by friends and family, we celebrate the true transition of an individual to adulthood. Especially as a guardian, witnessing the growth of a  young graduate in your life is a special experience. There is no knowing the heights they will reach, the opportunities and the challenges they will face. There are plenty uncertainties waiting, but one thing is certain – these young graduates deserve some gifts.

Youth enjoying the trek to Everest Base Camp after receiving it as a graduation gift
Youths at Everest Base Camp

Gift your young graduate some life-changing adventures

Now comes the true question: what can you gift a young graduate in your life? As a guardian, you want something enjoyable that’ll equip them in their future journey before they take life by the horns.  And really, what could be a more fitting gift than travel? The life lessons that come with the thrill of adventure travel are truly unmatched. And the timing couldn’t be better! Give them the opportunity to experience the wonders of the world right before they plunge into the corporate world. We wholeheartedly believe travel is the best gift to give your young graduate. Here’s why:

Surprise the young graduates in your life with a customized trip so that they make the most of their time during their adventure!

1. Deeper and Wider perspectives:

Regardless of the professional sector, diversity in experience and lifestyle is encouraged and celebrated. To a curious mind, traveling can truly enhance one’s perspective. Gift your young graduates the opportunity to learn about a plethora of cultures, people, and practices that will enrich both their personal and professional life.  

2. Valuable Experience:

Like-minded travel partners, and a group of determined, hardworking graduates in the lap of the vast Himalayas. Who’s to say they won’t find their calling there? Perhaps a trek to the Everest base camp with a group of young people will teach them a lesson they cherish for the rest of their life. Gift them the chance to experience an extraordinary journey before they set off on their own personal journeys. Refreshed and armed with lessons only experience can teach, they’re sure to excel in whatever they put their minds to. 

Youths in a Group trek to the Everest Base Camp after graduation
Group trek to the Everest Base Camp

3. Planning and responsibility

While planning trips with Himalayan Glacier is considerably a simple and accommodating process, a degree of prudence and responsibility is necessary during travel. Through adventure, let your young graduate learn the true meaning of personal responsibility and the importance of plans. At the same time let them discover the sweet fruits of trekking off-the-beaten-path and the joys of venturing away from the mainstream.

Unwrap your travel voucher!
When you gift a trip to young graduates with Himalayan Glacier, you receive a printable digital voucher to physically present them as an extra-special gesture!

4. Effective communications

When traveling with a group in a foreign location, effective communication can be the deciding factor between the trip of a lifetime and misunderstandings. In parallel, there is no skill quite as valuable in the workplace as effective communication. By gifting travel, you’re giving your young graduate an opportunity to learn to adapt to local dialect, detect tonal shifts, and widen their communication horizons by incorporating both verbal and non-verbal methods.

 5. Self-Reflection

Soul searching and self-discovery may be cliché attributes of travel, but they’re truly cliché for a reason. It is during travel that one discovers one’s true strengths and weaknesses. It is time to explore one’s preferences and what kind of environment do we truly enjoy. This self-reflection will allow them to return from their travel a self-assuredness that will allow them to make the right choices for themselves in both personal and professional avenues of their life.

6. The definition of failure

Your graduates have just succeeded, and their graduation is a celebration of their achievements. However, life is simply not accommodating that way. They will have to go through many lows along with their giddying heights. There is no better place to experience than in the Himalayas.

Once they brave the intimidating altitude and treacherous terrains of the Himalayas, it is time to unleash the magnificent views from the summit. Such adventure teaches the importance of moving at your own pace to reach your goals. And sometimes, you have to be brave enough to realize, and to change uncanny paths.

Young Graduates in Tibet Tour after receiving travel as a graduation gift
Young Graduates in Tibet

The advantages of adventure are many, and there is never a dull moment when we’re out in nature. As a cherry on top, you’ll never have a moments’ worry about your graduates when they’re with Himalayan Glacier! We have been going strong for almost 30 years now, with a whopping 98% success rate in our trips and expeditions. That means experience has taught us the best and safest procedures, and given us the means to provide them to you.

Rest assured! Our personalized itinerary, one-on-one information to you, hygienic food & lodging, experienced and knowledgeable mountain leaders, right staff ratio, and emergency back-up plans ensure that treks and climbs are always safe with Himalayan Glacier

When you don’t have safety and logistics to worry about, traveling with like-minded people to an unknown destination is a magical experience. To know more about gifting adventure travel, you can simply message us on Facebook or, or WhatsApp us at +1-410-307-0007 with the words “Graduation Gift” Our travel experts will know exactly what you need. And as for the young graduates, we wish them our heartiest congratulations, and the best of luck!  

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