Namtso – the heavenly lake in Tibet

Explore Tibet, the spellbinding destination, where centuries-old monasteries still ring with the early morning chants of monks and prayer flags flap in the wind against a background of majestic blue skies. Tibet has become an epitome for spirituality, with Buddhism reflected in nearly every aspect of its art and culture.

In your Lhasa Explore Tour, you can traverse into Tibet’s cultural heart including Potala Palace, the traditional home of the Dalai Lama. Beyond Lhasa’s deeply spiritual and ancient culture, you can discover Tibet’s natural attraction like Namtso Lake. Redirect your Tibet Tour into the nature’s pristine refuge where travelers can have live experience of heavenly treasures.

Namtso Lake in Tibet
Namtso Lake- Tibet

Namtso Lake, endowed with pure water and stunning landscapes, is one of the most beautiful lakes in world. The heavenly lake attracts thousands of visitors each year. Suited at an elevation of 4,718 meters, the beautiful lake is like a bright pearl on Tibetan Plateau. Covering an area of 1,940 square kilometers, Namtso Lake ranks the second largest saltwater lake of its kind in China after Qinghai Lake. It is also one of the three most famous holy lakes in Tibet.

Namtso Lake’s crystal-clear blue water creates difficulty to distinguish the boundary between the lake and the sky. The scenic vistas of the lake touch soul of every visitor who travels there. The magnificent scenery reaches apex during the summer where wild yaks, blue sheep, Mongolian wild asses, foxes, black bears, water deer, marmot, hares and other wild animals leisurely look for food along the heavenly lake shores. Likewise, countless migratory birds fly above and around the lake; sometimes lovely fishes in the lake jump out of water to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine; sheep and cows herds are found in its vicinity grazing.

In addition to nature’s trove, the sunrise and sunset, and the night sky at the Namtso Lake are extremely amazing. The wide open spaces around the lake, dotted with the tents of local nomads are interesting to see.

Namtso, the extremely beautiful lake with turquoise blue water not only offers stunning views of nature, it is life in itself.

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