Through Lhasa, Tsedang and Lake Namtso

Relish the best of Tibet through its cultural routes across Lhasa via Tsedang with us. This Buddhist Kingdom that remained long closed to foreigners and isolated to the world outside until recently, holds a strong fascination for many people, scholars, pilgrims, travelers and explorers alike who are all in pursuit of real “Shangri La”.

Namtso Lake
Namtso Lake

The tour features intriguing blend of historic-cultural heritage rooted in ancient past and the fascinating natural landscapes of Tibet Following a scenic route from Tsedang to Lhasa, you explore Samye monastery, Tibet’s first Buddhist monastery, Yambulakhang palace and the tranquil Chim Phu caves in Tsedang. Later you visit the historical landmarks of Lhasa like Potala and Norbulingka Palaces, Tibet Museum and Barkhor Bazaar. You also take a day trip to the great Namtso Lake, considered one of the three holy lakes in Tibet situated gorgeously along the Nyenchen Tangla Mountains. The lake Namtso, a turquoise brilliance in itself was also featured as one of the top five most beautiful lakes of China by the Chinese National Geography magazine.

Lhasa, the remote abode of the Dalai Lamas, object of devout pilgrimage and heart and soul of Tibet, is full of wonders. Standing tall at 3,700 meters, Potala Palace rises from the Red Hill dominating the skyline of Lhasa Valley. It’s a sight that has heralded the marvels of the Holy City to travelers for close to four centuries and persists to do so. While Potala is the epitome of Tibetan-Buddhism history and culture, Jokhang is the real spiritual heart of the city. The vibrant Barkhor bazaar, Norbulingka palace, Tibet museum, magnificent monasteries, ancient dzongs (fortresses) are other notable attractions in Lhasa.

Adding further to your excitement is the holy lake Namtso, meaning ‘heavenly lake’ which is the world’s second largest salt water lake of its size. True to its name, the lake’s grandeur and aroma is in fact heavenly as you find yourself amidst pristine blue water and the stunning Himalayan ranges.

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