Nowhere but heaven lies Namtso – the holy lake

The Namtso Lake, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, is perched near the Dangxiong County in the middle of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Standing 4,710 meters above the sea level, it is the highest salt water lake in the world. Compared to this rigid description on the Internet, you can find its attractiveness when you touch it in person.

It is not an easy way going to Namtso. Still carrying a bit altitude sickness left over from staying in Lhasa for only one day, I started to feel the altitude rising meter by meter as the SUV climbed upward along the mountainous road.

Two hours later, we arrived at the destination. The moment the well-known Namtso Lake came to my eyes all my fatigue was offset by the magnificent scenery in front of my eyes.

Blue as saphire, it is like a reflection of the sky, seen from afar. They join each other in the distance. White clouds add radiance to the scenery. The local folk song describes it as a piece of blue Khada, a piece of white silk used to greet friends, representing propitiousness.

As I walked toward the lakeside, I felt myself sublimed. One of the reasons is the thin air, which made it difficult for me to breathe. The other reason is obliviously the breathtaking lake view.

Seen from near to far, the water turns from blue to bluer as if it has vanished from your sight.

Suddenly, a funny idea struck me. I lay down by the lake, enjoying the sunshine shining straight on my face and listening to the water rippling against the stone-paved bank , as if I was laying by the seaside.

I have been to many beaches, but they are all different from the Namtso Lake. If the sea is likened to a man, using a masculinity to shatter all your worries, then the Namtso Lake is a woman, listening to your secret talks and soothing you from inside.

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