Lake Namtso Trek

The Lake Namtso  trek is very popular among Tibetans as well as world travellers, as the Namtso lake is surrounded by four different Buddhist monasteries.

Namtso is one of the Tibet’s three most holy lakes and Tibetans make the Mount Kailash Pilgrimage circumambulation around the lake at festival times, which takes about a month or less to complete the whole circle.

The tranquil lake remains a mythical place for many travelers with its distinctive wonders and snow capped mountains.

Around 240km northwest of Lhasa, Namtso is the second largest saltwater lake in China. It is over 70 km long and reaches a width of 30km and is 35km at its deepest point. The Nyenchen Tanglha range (7000m) towers over the lake. When the ice melts in April, the lake becomes a shade of turquoise. The wide open spaces surrounding the lake are dotted with the tents of the local nomads.

The trek to Namtso Lake in Tibet takes the travellers to the closest point of calm and beauty of nature.

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