The top 7 intoxicating pleasures of Bhutan Tour

Embark on a moving destination that shows you the glimpse of transcendental experience. Dance with nature, enjoy the strings of Buddhist cultural rituals, submerge into the land of so called blessed – The Bhutan! The Land of Happiness!

Located high amongst the mighty Himalayan range, the hidden Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is a destination that has so much to offer. If you are thinking to make Bhutan Cultural Tour or overall Bhutan Tour, you travel into the mystical land of a rare pleasure.

You can also look for Bhutan Sightseeing option to visit the remote monasteries and spiritual temples, to trek the wondrous Himalaya and admire the mountainous pastures. Beyond these, in a Glimpses of Bhutan Tour, visitors even today can encounter with the customs and traditions still going strong after centuries, and cultural festivals celebrated from corner to corner.

Monastery in Bhutan
Monastery in Bhutan

Here are the top 7 intoxicating pleasures of Bhutan Tour:

  1. To attain the greatest and intoxicating moments of pleasure in your Bhutan tour, make excursions around the monasteries in Bhutan. The moment of happiness reaches apex once you see prayer flags fluttering across mountains and rivers, and chortens standing at every corner of Bhutan. The moment you happen to be at Tiger’s Nest Monastery, the magic monastery surrounded by breathtaking panoramas, you experience deep peace of mind.
  2. The happiness of trekking in Bhutan intoxicates the travelers with the beauty of awe-inspiring landscapes of snow-clad mountains, lush valleys, dense forests and rushing streams. Trekking in the Bhutanese Himalaya means you are really traversing through fresh mountain air and majestic scenery that add the thrilling moment of Bhutan tour. Overall, you will be awestruck by panoramic views of the Bhutan Himalaya.
  3. Walk to explore Bhutan’s remote valleys, towns and villages and taste the traditional Bhutanese cuisine. You will have strange feeling once you sip Yak butter tea – a traditional drink loved by the Bhutanese. Local curries, stews and soups give you unique experience of Bhutanese food culture as well.
  4. Meet the local people around Bhutan. Bhutanese are friendly and united by their genuine spiritual belief. Enjoy the warm hospitality bestowed by one of the innocent and honest people in the world. The joy of mingling with Bhutanese way of life and their spiritual connection will be rewarding.
  5. Experience Bhutanese art and culture found in the cultural craftsmanship of Bhutanese. Traditional Bhutanese arts and crafts are beautiful mementos and a have a linked to the past identity. The museums, galleries and workshops of Bhutan all display wonderful example of delicate embroidery. Furthermore, seek cultural delight in buying Bhutanese age-old handicrafts.
  6. Find ultimate happiness in discovering culturally legend cities like Thimpu and Paro. You will have the experience of living in another world, the moment you happen to be at the peaceful streets of Paro. In observing the traditional architectures, the still living strong Buddhist heritages and the colorful cultural festivals take you to the point of extreme happiness.
  7. Bhutan is such a pristine land where nature dances, Himalaya comes in full bloom, culture lives in purity. That is why, there is the possibility of mystic experience – Utter Happiness. The moment people step into the world of profound Himalayan landscapes- Nature’s amazing canvas and witness pilgrims and monks performing century-old Buddhist rituals, he or she will start to move with the strings of chants and devotion of the prayers.

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