What countries can I travel to if I am vaccinated for COVID-19?

Countries like Thailand, Tanzania, UAE and many others have uplifted the travel restriction from mandatory self-isolation to visa upon arrival and no quarantine for vaccinated travelers. While some other countries have started allowing tourists to travel with COVID vaccine proof. With the COVID vaccine travel restrictions being eased off, people have now begun scrolling through various destinations to travel to.

In fact, there are several countries that don’t require COVID vaccination for travel, and guess what? Many of these destinations are offering lucrative deals to revive the tourism activities that have slowed down since the last one year, of course amidst high travel safety and precautions. Travelers would love to travel without compromises, as vaccination is being available to general public in most of the countries.

Successful climb to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania during the pandemic
Sauna successfully completed the Mount Kilimanjaro Climb during the pandemic without any issue.

Does this mean that you can finally plan the vacation you have been waiting for?
Although it may not be as easy as throwing your essentials in a suitcase, and taking a flight to your dream destination as it was earlier, it isn’t as bad as the travel restrictions in 2020 either. While most of the world remains closed to travelers, there are several countries open for vaccinated tourists and travel enthusiasts.

Wondering what countries require COVID vaccinations to enter?
Here are the destinations that are eager to resume tourism following stern health and safety measures and strict entry requirements. Before traveling to any country, make sure about the documentation you will need, and whether your vaccine is recognized and approved at your destination country.

Even if you are fully vaccinated do not lower your mask just yet. Keep following healthy habits of washing hands and appropriate sanitization and stay safe when you are traveling in the country that you decide to spend for your adventure or leisure holiday. You need to follow all the protocols to travel safely during this pandemic.

As the vaccination drive continues around the world, countries reconsidering their travel restrictions to vaccinated visitors have been mounting gradually.

1. Tanzania

Live the dream of your most awaited vacation as Tanzania has opened its borders for adventurers like you. Dive into the heart of Tanzania’s captivating cultures in the magical and tranquil coastline villages. Immerse in the world of Safaris as giraffe traces against the baobab trees; watch out for chimpanzees swinging through the treetops, take a boat safari through Rufuji river, hold your breath as a lion cushions around your vehicle and get mesmerized by Mt. Kilimanjaro with its elegance, forested verges and the snow-capped summit. You can also take up an unforgettable adventure by planning for an outstanding Kilimanjaro Climbing holiday in the African continent.

View from Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; one of the country you can travel to after being vaccinated from COVID 19
View from Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Do you need COVID vaccination proof to enter Tanzania?

Well, it is always better if you have COVID vaccine proof, however, it is not mandatory. Travelers may require to take a COVID-19 test if the airlines you’re flying with demand it from you. All incoming travelers are required to fill out a health assessment form and have a health inspection done. Upon, arrival in Tanzania you will have to go through temperature scanning and you are free to travel. However, if you show symptoms of COVID 19, you might have to undergo enhanced screening, take a COVID test, and possibly a 14-day self-isolation, if tested positive. It is also smart of you to know beforehand whether it is safe to travel to Tanzania considering the present scenario.

2. The United Arab Emirates

Why wait another year when you are fully vaccinated and ready to be welcomed in the UAE with utmost care and safety measures during the COVID pandemic. UAE isn’t just about iconic skyscrapers, exotic beach resorts and classy malls. You will find yourself breathing in the silence of sands rolling towards Saudi Arabia, embracing the Hajir Mountains and wrapping yourself into adventurous activities. Dubai now offers a vacation package that comes with an inclusion of both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, one of which is inoculated just after arrival and the other after 15 days.

Mohammed Bukar, United Arab Emirates is open to travel after dose of Corona Vaccine
Mohammed Bukar, United Arab Emirates

UAE has listed travelers of various countries into the green list and red list and protocols vary with respect to this. Kindly read carefully to check your eligibility to travel to the UAE:

  • All visitors over the age of 12 must have medical insurance and a negative PCR test completed within the past 96 hours by a nationally recognized body. You must show the certificate at check-in, complete a health declaration form before travel, and register on the COVID-19 DXB app. You must also have proper travel insurance.
  • Protocol varies according to where you’ve flown in from, and passengers from some countries have to take an additional test on arrival. As of now, entry is being refused to anyone who has been in South Africa or Nigeria in the last 14 days.
  • Passengers arriving from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman can opt to take the test on arrival in Dubai if arriving by air. Visitors from more than 50 countries, including Argentina, Ghana, and Morocco, must take an additional test on arrival. You can find the full list here.
  • Anyone showing symptoms on arrival must remain in self-quarantine for 14 days at their own expense unless flying with Emirates, which will cover costs for its passengers.
  • The air border to neighboring Abu Dhabi reopened in December, though all arrivals other than those on the “green list” must isolate for 10 days.
  • On January 29, following an increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases in the UAE, the UK placed the UAE on its travel “red list”. This means only travelers residing in the UK can travel from the UAE to England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. They’ll have to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival alongside all members of their household.

Find here for more of travel advisory to Dubai during the COVID pandemic.

3. Thailand

The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand is also open to vaccinated tourists
The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand has been attracting tourists around the world through its picture-perfect islands, golden beaches and swaying palms, ornate temples and lush forests. Travelers can now once again visit this popular destination in South Asia. If you have been holding your travel plans to Thailand, as of 01 April 2021:

  • Thailand has reduced its mandatory quarantine on arrival from 14 days to 10 days. And if you possess a valid vaccination certificate provided that you are entering Thailand from a country with no COVID-19 variants, the quarantine period is expected to be reduced to 7 days. As per the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phuket will be the first destination to reopen to vaccinated foreign visitors from July 1, which might seem difficult as many countries in the world are facing the third wave of pandemic.
  • Holders of US, Canada, UK and Australia passports are among those not required to obtain a visa when entering Thailand for tourism purposes and will be permitted to stay in Thailand for a period not exceeding 45 days on each visit. However, they are still required to obtain the Certificate of Entry and quarantine upon arrival.
  • All travelers must provide proof of an insurance policy that covers treatment for COVID-19 up to US$100,000 and a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure.
  • A PCR test must be taken on arrival, after which all travelers must stay in quarantine at government-approved quarantine facilities or Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) facilities. This can include luxury hotels, some of which have developed quarantine packages.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has been very uncertain and several countries keep modifying their travel advisories from time to time, we recommend checking the latest travel tips to Thailand at regular time intervals.

For more information about traveling to Thailand, you can visit the Royal Thai Embassy site and get the updated news about visa or certificate of entry, and flights to Thailand.

4. Cambodia

Another touristic hub waiting to cast a spell on its visitor is Cambodia. You cannot stop yourself from contemplating how beautifully ancient monuments of Angkor have blended with modern world sophistication. Cambodia is more than its temple, exploring upcountry adventure and immersing in urban scenery. All this is possible with few guidelines and procedure as listed below:

Bayon Temple, Cambodia is open to vaccinated travelers
Bayon Temple, Cambodia
  • Travelers need to have a certificate not more than 72 hours confirming that they are not infected with the novel coronavirus.
  • Tourists will be given an on-site PCR swab test.
  • Must have proof of US$50,000 worth of travel insurance while in Cambodia.
  • Must quarantine for 14 days after arrival at a place designated by the government.
  • In addition, Cambodia has instituted a visitor-pays system of testing:
    • All visitors must pay for a COVID-19 test and associated expenses upon arrival in Cambodia.
    • Visitors must also make a US$2,000 deposit to cover potential costs of quarantine, hospitalization, and even burial, should they fall ill with coronavirus while in the country.
    • Should the test come back positive for even one person on a flight, all passengers from the flight will be quarantined in a state facility at their own expense.
    • If hospitalization is required, that will also be at the visitor’s expense.
  • It is currently not possible to enter or depart Cambodia through land borders as the Cambodia Laos, Cambodia-Thailand and Cambodia-Vietnam land borders are closed.

Read the Cambodia Travel Advisory and reconsider your travel plans if you have been longing to travel to the land of Theravada Buddhism.

5. Cyprus

Beginning from 10 May 2021, travelers from the European Union, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Israel, Jordan, Qatar, Lebanon, and several other countries won’t have to undergo any COVID-19 tests or stay in quarantine provided that they have been fully vaccinated. And for this, a traveler needs to upload a copy of the vaccination certificate on the Cyprus Flight Pass platform.

Visit the official portal of Cyprus tourism and learn more about how to travel safely to Cyprus following all the protocols set by the government.

Costal region of Paphos, Cyprus; a country you can travel to if you are vaccinated
Costal region of Paphos, Cyprus

6. Greece

Coming into effect from 19 April 2021, Greece has allowed visitors from the European Union, New Zealand, Thailand, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Rwanda, Israel, Serbia, and the United Arab Emirates to enter the country without having to quarantine if they meet the following few conditions:

Beautiful city of Santorini, Greece is accepting vaccinated travelers
Beautiful city of Santorini, Greece

  • Travelers from the above-mentioned countries who possess a certificate for getting the complete COVID-19 vaccination at least two weeks before arriving need not undergo quarantine. They are also not obliged to produce a negative PCR test report.
  • Likewise, travelers from the above-stated countries who haven’t been vaccinated yet, need to provide a negative PCR test report within 72 hours of arrival in Greece.
  • Children below the age of five are, however, exempted from being vaccinated.
  • Visitors to Greece should fill out a Passenger Locator Form, not more than 24 hours before entering the country.
  • All international tourists will have to undergo random and mandatory health checkups in Greece that may include a rapid antigen test (RAT). Those testing positive for SARS-2 will be transferred to a quarantined hotel paid for by the Greek government. Tourists testing positive for the second time must remain in quarantine for another 10 days before getting tested again for the COVID-19 virus.
  • All travelers are allowed to enter Greece through nine airports located in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Thessaloniki, Chania, Kos, Heraklion, Rhodes, and Corfu. If travelers wish to enter through the land, then the border entries are permitted through the gates of Nymphaio and Promachonas.

If you are considering travel to Greece, click here to learn more about safety amidst the pandemic and other useful tips.

7. Nepal 

Nepal is a travelers’ paradise- from exciting expeditions, trekking and hiking, adventure sports, and spiritual getaways, to cultural immersion; the little landlocked nation is a treasure trove of tourism that you too can now explore. Effective from 24 September 2021, Nepal opened itself back up to the world, with several safety guidelines in mind. 

Everest Base Camp, Nepal; countries you can travel to after being vaccinated
Everest Base Camp, Nepal

During this long-awaited reopening, fully vaccinated visitors do not need to quarantine or remain isolated, and will be granted a visa on arrival given that they can present the following:

  • Evidence of completing a 14-day incubation post COVID-19 vaccination. 
  • A COVID-19 negative PCR test report from no more than 72hours before and upon entry. 
  • A copy of relevant travel permits, if applicable and available.
  • Evidence of having booked accommodations in Nepal. 
  • A printed copy of your International Traveler Online Arrival form

If you haven’t been fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, you will have to take a few more steps before continuing on to explore the unique charisma of Nepal. You will need to be prepared with the following. 

  • Your tourist visa, issued by Nepali diplomatic services in your country. 
  • A recommendation letter from your travel agent in Nepal 
  • Complete the government-mandated 10-day quarantine period at a local hotel paid for by yourself. 
  • A COVID-19 negative PCR test obtained both within 72hours of entering the country and on the 11th day of isolation, before traveling back to your respective destinations. 
  • Children below the age of 5 are not mandated to take the vaccine, as are children aged 5-18; though they will need to follow quarantine and safety protocols. 
  • A copy of your relevant travel permits (such as mountaineering, trekking permits, and so on)
  • Proof of having arranged for and reserved accommodations in Nepal.
  • A printed copy of the International Online Arrival Form.  

Masks are necessary in public spaces in Nepal for everybody, and non-compliance with the mask mandate can result in a fine or even arrest. We recommend you make regular local inquiries on local travel and safety requirements with your travel agency. To plan a perfect trip to Nepal, you can contact our travel experts or WhatsApp us at +1-410-307-0007

8. Bhutan 

Tucked in between India and China, Bhutan is a serendipitous little Himalayan kingdom that is culturally sound and rich in emerald green forests. Often referred to as the last Shangri-La, it is a mystical land of impenetrable fortresses and traditional architecture, untouched wilderness. Bhutan, relatively successful in containing the COVID-19 pandemic with comparatively fewer casualties, opened its borders to international travelers earlier than most countries in December 2020 itself. However, the kingdom updated its travel guidelines for international tourists in August 2021 as follows:

  • Fully vaccinated travelers will be required to quarantine for 14 days.
  • Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travelers will be required to quarantine for 21 days. 
  • Travelers will be required to provide evidence of a COVID-19 negative RT-PCR report from a certified laboratory within 72 hours before arriving.
Punakha Dzong, Bhutan; countries you can travel to after being vaccinated
Punakha Dzong, Bhutan

Bhutan may have opened its borders but it is still implementing strict guidelines- you may be subject to random COVID-19 tests during your travel. We encourage you to travel responsibly- make sure to look into local travel requirements with your travel agency as well.    

9. The Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands; countries you can travel to after being vaccinated
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The quaint little country of Holland (also called the Netherlands) is a picturesque land of pretty canals, magnificent canal-side mansions, breathtaking tulip fields, windmills, and their famous cycling culture. The Netherlands has something to offer to everyone. Bask in the glory of the works of Van Goh, Rembrandt, Vermeer and more. Experience the immense administrative and diplomatic power of The Hague, or enjoy a relaxed evening at the increasingly hip port of Rotterdam. As it’s a part of the European Union, Holland’s travel regulations post COVID-19 as of 01 July, 2021 are based on EU mandates as well, some of which are as follows:

  • Vaccinated travelers from countries that have been declared COVID-19 “safe areas” are allowed into the country without a negative PCR test or quarantining. 
  • Countries from the safe areas are Albania, Australia, Chinese regions of Hong Kong and Macao, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Rwanda, San Marino Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States, the Vatican City State, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Jordan, Kuwait, Namibia, New Zealand, Peru, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, and Uruguay.
  • All arriving travelers must fill in a health declaration before their arrival and take a COVID-19 test upon entry. 
  • Travelers coming from “high-risk” areas must either provide proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID-19 PCR test result obtained 72 hours before or 48 hours after entering the Netherlands.
  • Travelers arriving from countries deemed “very high risk” are required to provide both proofs of vaccination and a COVID-19 negative PCR result obtained 72 hours before or 48 hours after entering the Netherlands.
  • As of 22 September 2021, vaccinated travelers are exempt from quarantine and isolation mandates provided they can present proof of vaccination and a COVID-19 negative PCR result. 
  • Countries deemed “very high risk” are Afghanistan, Anguilla, Armenia, Barbados, Belize, Brunei, Cayman Islands, Dominica, French Guiana, Georgia, Haiti, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, St. Kitts and Nevis, Serbia, Singapore, Somalia, Suriname, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.
  • Unvaccinated travelers from “very high-risk” outside of the EU areas are currently subject to a 10-day quarantine requirement. However, if they test negative on the 5th day, they are allowed to travel the country. 

The following are some of the other countries which are open to vaccinated travelers:

1. Zambia2. Sri Lanka3. South Korea4. Rwanda
5. Peru6. Namibia7. Kenya8. Armenia
9. The Maldives10. Croatia11. Seychelles12. Ireland
13. Barbados14. Belgium15. Denmark16. Germany
17. Hungary18. Morocco19. Lithuania 20. Austria
21. Tunisia22. South Africa23. Serbia24. Israel
25. Panama26. Nicaragua27. Ghana28. Slovenia
29. Hong Kong30. Romania31. Iceland32. Estonia
33. The Bahamas34. The Czech Republic35. Egypt 36. France 
37. Italy 38. Spain39. Bermuda 40. Tahiti (French Polynesia)

P.S: “Always make sure you are up-to-date with your local travel restrictions so as to not break any locally mandated policies.”

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