Is it safe to travel to Tanzania?

Tanzania is a safe country to visit. Having said that, it is still better to take the usual safety precautions and cope with local travel advisories.

Theft and pickpocketing are somewhat common in bigger cities but incidents can be prevented by using a few simple safety precautions. Most visits are trouble-free among almost a million foreign tourists traveling to Tanzania per year.

City Area of Tanzania are safe to travel

Just like anywhere around the world, most crimes in Tanzania occur in cities with rare cases of violent crimes. Heading out on a guided tour will help avoid any such problems. Even if you wish to get around without a guide, it is always wise to first check with your hotel if the area is safe to walk around. Do not carry a huge amount of cash with you and also don’t display any valuables and importantly, don’t walk around after dark.

Safety during Safari Tour in Tanzania

If you are on a safari tour, always listen carefully to the instructions of your tour guide and stick to the park rules and regulations. Never leave your car outside designated areas or approach animals too close if you are on a self-drive safari.

We also recommend you to avoid isolated areas, especially secluded spots of the beaches. While in the cities or other tourist areas, prefer taking a taxi rather than walking alone, especially after dark. As far as possible, try taking taxis from established taxi ranks or hotels. Make sure that the taxi you take doesn’t have any other person apart from the driver. Never pay any money for any safari tour or trekking trips in advance before checking out on the company thoroughly.

Saftey during safari tour in Tanzania

Safety during Public Place in Tanzania

If you need to use public transport while in Tanzania, avoid taking food and drink from people you don’t know. Be aware of any person approaching you and pretending to know you as the person who he met at the airport or wherever.

You also need to be mindful about requests for donations on various grounds, especially from refugees or students. It is best to contribute to humanitarian causes through an established agency or project. If you plan to visit the Burundi border area during your trip, make sure to get an update before setting your plans to know about the prevailing situations like outbursts of violence and political unrest.

Touts selling in street of Tanzania

Touts are rampant in tourist areas like Arusha, Moshi, and Zanzibar Island, and they can be very pushy. Pretend that you are not a newcomer and walk with confidence to avoid any hassles. Carry your passport, money, and other important documents in a pouch against your skin hidden behind slightly loose-fitting clothing. When traveling in vehicles, always keep your side windows closed, especially when having to stop in traffic, and also keep your bags out of sight.

Health Safety in Tanzania

Health wise, Tanzania is quite deep in malaria territory so it is best for you to consider your antimalarial options before leaving your country. For this, meet and talk with your doctor about the right medication that you may require. During safari tours, you need to be cautious with wildlife and it is always wise to ask your guide if it is safe to leave the car or the campsite. Do not unnecessarily wander into areas that have been marked off as dangerous.

For solo travelers, there might be a small curiosity in the rural areas especially solo female travelers. But in general, there are no particular issues with traveling solo in Tanzania. Make sure to avoid isolating situations including lonely stretches of beach regardless of the time of day.

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Solo Female Travel in Tanzania

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In short, Tanzania is safe for tourists. But we recommend tourists to follow the travel advisory set up by the state. It is always best to travel with experienced local guides. Registered travel operators like Himalayan Glacier can help you plan the entire trip to ensure safety and an enjoyable experience.

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