Best time to trek in Nepal

Thousands of tourists visit Nepal to enjoy the picturesque nature and trek through the adventurous and diverse terrain all year long. But, Autumn (September to November), and Spring (March to May), are the best times to trek in Nepal. The pleasantness of the autumn sky and spring bless travelers with moderate temperatures and enjoyable weather conditions throughout the country. 

Beautiful Weather on the way to Everest Base Camp; traveling during the best time to trek in Nepal
Beautiful Weather on the way to Everest Base Camp

As calm as it may seem, the challenging terrains of the Himalayas in Nepal can present you with gruesome scenarios during harsh weather conditions. To avoid any unforeseen situations and to enjoy nature at its best, most trekkers prefer autumn for backpacking. However, it may not be the best time of the year to trek in Nepal for everyone. Some may as well like off-season trekking to avoid the crowd. Therefore, exploring various seasons can help you pick a favorable time for trekking in Nepal as per your preference.  

Trekking Seasons in Nepal

Throughout the year, the landscape of Nepal embraces four seasons. Each season comes with its uniqueness, bringing major changes in nature. Below are some detailed insights into the four seasons in Nepal.

1. Spring Season (March-May)

Spring in Nepal lasts from March to May. This season is also one of the preferred seasons to trek throughout the country. During spring, the climate is moderate with a slightly higher temperature reaching up to about 32°C (89°F) in the lower elevation regions. At the same time, the temperature at higher altitude can reach around 20°C (68°F). The sky is usually clear with mild days and occasional rain. 

 picturesque nature during the best time to trek in Nepal

Spring comes with rejuvenation of nature. Flowers begin to blossom, trees become lusher with newly sprung leaves, and spring vegetation sprouts again. Likewise, the flora and fauna of the Himalayan terrain also resuscitate from the harsh winter. Overall, spring can be considered a good time for trekking in Nepal due to the alluring freshness of nature.

Pros of trekking in spring in Nepal:

  • Moderate weather conditions throughout the country with warmer nights.
  • As snow in the trekking trails begins to melt away, the paths become clearer.
  • Clear sky and pleasant environment make spring a good time for hiking and trekking.
  • Newly sprung plants make the sights scenic and energizing.
  • Slightly fewer travelers as compared to autumn.

Cons of trekking in spring in Nepal: 

  • Occasional rain might occur causing difficulty in the trek.
  • Early spring may have chillier nights, while during May you will witness hotter days.

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2. Summer Season (June-August)

With the end of May, summer starts kicking in. Summer prevails from June to August, which is also the time for the monsoon season in Nepal. These months can be harsh with scorching heat and heavy rain throughout the nation. The rising humidity and extremely hot weather conditions may restrict us from enjoying our travel. 

Cloudy Annapurna Base Camp
Cloudy Annapurna Base Camp

Although the lower elevation regions go through harsh summers, the Himalayan terrains are not as brutal. The temperature in the mountain regions can range from 25°C to 12°C (77°F to 53°F) approximately. However, heavy pours can make trekking through rocky mountain terrains challenging and the cloudy sky may blur the mountain views.

Pros of trekking in summer in Nepal:

  • Warmer weather conditions in the Himalayas can make the trek easier for those who cannot tolerate extreme cold.
  • Fewer people crowd the trekking trails which may allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature in solitude.

Cons of trekking in summer in Nepal:

  • As the monsoon season follows summer, there is the risk of heavy rainfall almost through the season.
  • Frequent heavy downpours can make the trekking trail challenging causing the risk of accidents.
  • During the peak summer, trekking in the lower elevation can be difficult because of the high temperature.

3. Autumn Season (September-November)

With the exit of Summer, nature welcomes autumn which lasts from September to November, the best months to trek in Nepal. Usually, from mid September, the weather is fairly pleasant which invites more travelers to Nepal during autumn. Clear skies, moderate temperature, and gentle sunshine throughout the day make the season perfect for trekking. However, the early autumn might bring the risk of occasional light rainfall. But, as the season progresses, during October and November, the monsoon season completely leaves and brings in cooler weather conditions. 

The region beyond the mountains - Mustang
The region beyond the mountains – Mustang

On the other hand, the end of autumn sees a quick fall in temperature as nature prepares to welcome winter. Most people plan their trip to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Poon Hill, and other famous trekking trails during this season. With the start of Autumn, the festival season in Nepal kicks in. It is a good time for visitors to witness some of the major festivals, Dashain and Tihar, celebrations during autumn. This is also a good time for experiencing Nepali culture and tradition with your involvement in the festivals celebrated nationwide. For this reason, some of the best treks in Nepal are organized during autumn with amazing travel packages. In order to set your Nepal trip dates in alignment with the festival season, make sure to consult our travel experts.  

Pros of trekking in autumn in Nepal:

  • Considered the best time to trek in Nepal, autumn makes the environment more pleasant.
  • Allows you to witness the clear sky and serene sights of mountains.
  • Days and nights are moderately warmer.
  • The moderate weather conditions make trekking through lower and upper elevations enjoyable.
  • No risk of downpours as the autumn progresses.
  • Cultural experience during festival season.

Cons of trekking in autumn in Nepal:

  • As autumn is the peak season for trekking, the trails are relatively crowded.

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4. Winter Season (December-February)

Winter is the harshest of all seasons to trek in Nepal. It lasts from December to February. As the temperature begins to fall in December, nights become chillier. The temperature can drop to around 9°C (48°F) during the day and below 0°C (32°F) during the night in higher altitudes. During peak winter, most high passes and trekking routes in high mountains are covered with dense fog and snow, inviting unexpected accidents. 

Trekking in Nepal during Winter
Trekking in Winter

Due to the risks of unpleasant trekking conditions, most travelers avoid the winter season to trek in the Himalayan terrains. Likewise, most expeditions and mountain climbing, including the Everest region trekking, also come to halt during harsh winter. Overall, it may not be the best time to trek considering the challenges due to weather conditions. 

Pros of trekking in winter in Nepal:

  • During late autumn, you will see fewer people on the trails.
  • The sky is usually very clear.
  • Snow-covered Himalayan terrains make the sight picturesque.

Cons of trekking in winter in Nepal:

  • The trekking trails in the higher altitude are covered with dense snow.
  • Several high passes are unreachable due to heavy snow and mountain views are blocked by dense fog.
  • The extremely low temperatures might come with the risk of unforeseen challenges along the way.  

What is the Best Time to Trek in Nepal?

The thorough analysis of all the seasons suggests autumn is the best time of the year to trek in Nepal. The mild temperature from September to November makes the trekking experience more enjoyable. This is the time of the year when the trekking routes throughout the country are jam-packed with travelers from all around the world. 

However, as mid-December is generally the holiday season in most countries, including the United States, there is a spike in the number of international tourists during early winter as well. Interestingly, to make the holiday season even more special, travel companies offer some of the best holiday destination packages during this time. So, make sure to grab the best travel opportunity with the assistance of Himalayan Glacier.

Tourists enjoying view from Sarangkot, Pokhara
Tourists enjoying view from Sarangkot, Pokhara

Nonetheless, if you cannot make it in autumn, spring also allows favorable conditions for trekking in Nepal. Warmer days and nights, lush plants and vegetation, and clear trekking trails during spring make the trek worthwhile. But the downside is occasional rain and slightly higher temperature in the lower elevations. All in all, after autumn, spring comes in as the best time to trek in Nepal.

Weather Conditions & Temperature in Nepal

As Nepal’s topography distributes into three geographical regions, Terai, Hills, and Mountains, each region has different temperatures in different seasons. Below is the tabular illustration of temperature change through different seasons in Nepal. This will allow you to understand the changing weather conditions more precisely.

SeasonsMinimum temperature (approx)Maximum temperature (approx)Weather Condition
Spring 4°C/ 39°F (Mountain)20°C/ 68°F (Mountain)Moderate with occasional rain
Summer 12°C/ 53°F (Mountain)25°C/ 77°F (Mountain)Extreme high with heavy rain
Autumn3°C/ 37°F (Mountain)18°C/ 64°F (Mountain)Moderate
Winter10°C/ 50°F (Terai) to -4°C/ 24°F (Mountain)20°C/ 68°F (Terai) to 12°C/ 53°F (Mountain)Extreme low

Explore Some of the Famous Trekking Destinations in Nepal

Blessed with surreal natural beauty, Nepal is one of the top travel destinations for adventure seekers. With a diverse topographical landscape, Nepal consists of numerous thrilling trekking destinations, including Poon Hill, Annapurna Base Camp, Everest region, Dolpa, and Manaslu. And, most of them are worth adding to your once-in-a-lifetime adventure list. Some of the most famous trekking destinations to explore in Nepal are:

The Ending Note

Autumn, September to November, is the time of the year when Nepal sees most visitors from around the globe for adventure activities. While autumn is the best time to trek in Nepal, spring also blesses travelers with a serene atmosphere and moderate weather conditions to trek through the challenging routes. Therefore, spring can also be considered the best time of the year to trek in Nepal. The above-elaborated details might have assisted you in analyzing the trekking season details. 

However, if you have further queries and wish to plan your trip to Nepal at a favorable time, contact our team of Nepal travel experts. Moreover, you can also follow us on Facebook to remain updated about travel details and our packages.

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