Fun ways to celebrate this Dashain

Dashain, the biggest and the most anticipated festival of Nepal is always celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. As the carefree and happy feeling envelopes us, we know Dashain is truly here. Imagine days of fun and frolic with family and friends. We are sure you have plans for this annual festival. But we have still compiled a list of exciting ways to celebrate this Dashain.

Enjoy the festive delicacies

Mutton delicacies will be enjoyed all over the country, no doubt. But you can actually tantalize your taste buds with new recipes. Ditch the tried and tested recipes this year and go for some new ones. Recipes will be easily available on the Internet. Looking up Indian recipes means that you will get different recipes from each corner of the country. There are delectable sounding dishes like ‘Mutton Do-Pyaaza’, ‘Mutton Korma’, ‘Mutton Bhuna Gosht’, ‘Handi Kebab’ or ‘Kheema Kofta Curry’ to dig into.

Use your vacation practically

Most of us have at least four days of holidays. Use this time wisely. There’s only so much of eating, sleeping and chatting that you can indulge in over this period of holidays. Some of us have enough of rest after a day or two and start getting restless. You can use this time to catch up on those small but important pre-Tihar household chores or even embark on a trek or tour that you have been longing to go.

Join the fun with cards

Card games are really fun, and can turn boisterous. So if you are someone without any idea about how to play with cards, then quickly take a lesson. You must be tired of sitting with a smile plastered on your face as you pretend to comprehend what fun the rest are having. Start with easy games or ones that your family loves playing. Because knowing how to play can mean that you will be a part of the fun rather than just watching from the sidelines. Also, you don’t need to gamble to have fun!

Take to the skies with stunning kites

Kite flying has become an integral part of ushering in Dashain. Every shopkeeper will have stocks of beautiful multicolored kites that beckon us to carry them out to the bright skies. This Dashain, sit down with your siblings and make a kite the Chinese way. The Chinese use bamboo and silk for their incredible kites that vary in size and style. They have beautifully patterned dragons, fishes, hawks and even lizards. Try your hand at an easy one. Look for alternatives to silk. Once you unveil your Chinese kite, you will be the envy of your neighbors.

Discover the story behind Dashain


Many of us have no idea about the significance of Dashain and why it is actually celebrated. Now is the time to undo this. Sit with your elders and listen to them relate the story of this auspicious festival. As the story goes, this festival celebrates the triumph of gods over demons. Goddess Durga features prominently in the story. Let your grandparents/parents tell you the rest.

Sway away in the bamboo swings


Nothing beats the joy and fun of swaying in the bamboo swings in Dashain. Swings are constructed in many parts of the country as a way of celebration. These bamboo swings are called ‘ping’ in Nepali. These kind of swings present the best of local culture, tradition, community spirit and fun. These swings are constructed with the help of community members using traditional methods which make the use of ropes made from tough grass, bamboo sticks and wood etc.

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