Quick Fun Metaphors to help you choose your next adventure

Making up your mind to travel during these times is a SERIOUS decision and definitely not an easy one! To make the process a little bit more fun for you, we have brought something out of the box for you to think over.

If you have landed on this page, chances are that you are in the process of choosing your next travel destination that matches your travel goals. Or perhaps, you might’ve already had plans in your mind of how, when, and where you intend to go.

Either way, we’d love to share our favorite metaphors for travelers like you to help you out build a visual direction. And, as a matter of fact, as experts, we find asking these questions to ourselves every now and then. It probably helps us gain clarity on how, what, and why avid travelers decide to pick a particular holiday destination.

traveler posing shot at kalapatthar

Generally, most people know where they exactly want to travel to. But, when it comes to new destinations, they just don’t know how and where to kick off. That is why we often challenge travelers to compose metaphors so that they can step outside the customary itinerary world with packing and preparations. We wish to bring them back to what they feel the most comfortable with.

So, here are a few FUN metaphors that are likely to help you create pictures about your upcoming destination in your mind. Go with your gut feeling and your heart. Don’t think too much while you answer these questions as there are no right or wrong answers to it:

1. If your adventure destination was a mood, what mood would it be?

Whatever your answer may be, does it seem to be a happy and upbeat place? Or, maybe it gives you more of a sophisticated feeling? Does the place you want to travel to make you feel mysterious or dark, or maybe even romantic?

List down the first mood (s) that came to your mind.

2. If your travel destination was a movie, which one would it be?

Believe me, this is one of our favorite metaphors! This will help you envisage where you see yourself traveling. Movies such as ‘Into the wild’, ‘A walk in the woods’, ‘Meru’, and ‘Wild’ have always been an inspiration to many for living out their traveling reveries. Or even ‘Everest’ would add up to the stimulation list.

If your travel destination was a movie, which one would it be

It is undeniably true that movies make you want to visit spectacular destinations. The finest travel movies don’t simply give you a sense of place. But, they also depict the power of a journey. And, more often than not, they urge you to go out and see what lies beyond the horizon.

3.  If your travel destination was a color, what color would it be?

Forget what you think your color should look like and what it says about you. Here, we want you to focus on the first color that pops out in your head when you associate it with your ideal travel destination.

4.  If your travel destination was a song, what would it be?

For many, music and travel go hand in hand! Most people have their favorite tunes and melodies for a variety of different occasions. And here, you just need to find that one number that rings in your ear whenever you imagine hiking on hills and mountains.

Personally, songs like ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman, ‘Around the world’ by Kings of Leon, and ‘On the road again’ by Willie Nelson give me the itch to travel. And, I always imagine these songs crooning in the background when I am hiking the mountains. And, songs like ‘Freeman in Paris’ by Joni Mitchell, ‘Sweet home Alabama’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and ‘I’ve been everywhere man’ by Johnny Cash makes me want to visit Europe.

So, go on and see in your mind’s eye as to which song would be your next adventure destination!

5.  If your travel destination was an animal, what would it be?

I, for sure would say that the place that I want to travel would be the elegant giraffe. It’s graceful, lively, and fun, but most importantly it has a lot of character. And, that’s exactly what I look for in the place that I would dream to travel next. Just the thought of it makes me want to rush right away to east Africa.

If your travel destination was an animal, what would it be
Giraffe in the Grasslands of Tanzania

So, which animal do you feel screams your next travel destination?

6.  If your travel destination was food, what would it be?

Keep the thought aside in case you are hungry now! Just don’t think about what you wish to munch on right now, but rather think about what food you reckon your travel destination would be.

If your travel destination was food, what would it be
Dal Bhat, Traditional Nepalese Cuisine

Is it the fast food stuff, fine dining food, take-away food, or dinner food? And, is it Chinese, Italian, Korean, Continental, Indian, Arabic, or just any other cuisine?

7.  If you could dress up your travel destination, what would it be wearing?

Play ‘dress up’ for a bit while your thoughts take over. What kind of clothes would your next travel destination wear if it was a person?

And, there you have it – fun-filled metaphors that help you bring your idyllic destinations to life! If you have reached thus far, you must’ve answered the questions knowingly or just randomly. If yes, then you should already have a little more precision as to what your future course looks like.

Artistic aspects of the traveler to think out of the box help you choose your next adventure

Now, just think of all the answers you gave to yourself. Validate if your answers are aligned with your travel goals and purpose. If not, then try bringing out more of your artistic aspects and ask yourself other metaphorical questions like:

  • If your travel destination was a book, what would it be?
  • If your dream destination was a flower, which one would it be?
  • If your holiday destination was a perfume, what would it be?
  • If your travel destination was a brand, which brand would it be?

There may be endless metaphorical questions that you could ask to yourself and try relating with your dream destination. If not all, at least a few or just one will definitely help you envision your dream destination noticeably.

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Let us know your experience with this fun game and if it helped you find your perfect fit.
Until then,
Happy Planning!

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