Wonderful way of having a true holiday!

Our family was very happy with all the efforts made by Himalayan Glacier to make our trip such a wonderful experience.

We had an excellent mountain guide- Suresh, who always made sure we were safe and with no worries. He took care of all practicalities, and we didn´t have to worry about anything! Wonderful way of having a true holiday! He gave us good tips on what to eat/drink and what to avoid- how to dress, and he planned our days in the mountain to make the best of the day. We could be quite flexible since it was only our family and Suresh made sure we walked slowly when going up while letting our teenagers run when going down or when walking in lower altitudes. He made it all seem so easy!! Suresh is a true asset for Himalayan Glacier, and I wish him all the best for the future.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Our second guide Keshar- always happy, friendly and very helpful! He was leading us up the mountain and together with Suresh, he did an excellent job! I think he will make a very good “first” guide when he has passed all the exams, and we give him all our support for the future and hope he will get the chance to become a fully qualified guide.

Our porters Shankar and Rupesh- always carried our bags with a big smile. Most days they managed to beat us to the tea house, and they were a very important part of the team! To us, it was such a luxury not having to carry heavy backpacks. So take good care of your happy, helpful and friendly porters! They are a unique asset.

On the way to annapurna base camp

We also had a city tour in Kathmandu. We did not feel the same enthusiasm and engagement from the guide doing this tour, but he did his job, and we had a good day.

The information we had before the trip and during our visit to the office in Kathmandu was excellent, and I have difficulties finding things to improve. Maybe some words in the information about the good availability of “treated water” and the ongoing project to supply “safe” water up in the mountains and also the fact that we should be well prepared for rain and snow!!

We also had two very good meals at The Ship Restuarant Bar and Lounge. A very good idea with the dinner before the trek to get to know each other and then the wonderful meal Suresh shared with us after the trek was such a good treat!

To summarize- our family had a wonderful holiday in Nepal- we learned a lot about the country, and we had a fantastic trek in the Annapurna region. All personnel we met was very professional but also truly engaged to make our holiday a truly fantastic experience. I would recommend Himalayan Glacier to anybody thinking about a similar trip, and I would love to come back to Nepal one day!!

Thank you all for making my 50th-anniversary trip such a fantastic experience in a truly unique surrounding! The magnificent nature is the gift from Nepal but your company made it so accessible to us, and for that, we are truly thankful!


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