Capturing the true wilderness of Nepal

Do you love to explore the true wilderness of Nepal? Or are you hankering for boundless joy of “Being One with Nature” in the pristine Himalayas?  Now give a little bit breaks to your obsession and be integral part of natural beauty of Nepal. Imagine yourself the tremendous joy of dancing with wild animals, birds and unspoiled wilderness of Nepal. Contemplate the ultimate pleasures of walking through deep forests, spectacular mountain views, popular national parks, rare natural habitats, jungle’s rivers, and local villages. There are various ways to capture the wilderness of Nepal.

Bardia National park
Bardia National park

Make a Kathmandu Tour and experience how the valley is exceptionally blessed with a vast array of rich bird life. Indeed, Nepal itself is a paradise for the birdwatchers. Within the Kathmandu valley alone, over 500 species of birds have been recorded. The surrounding hills offer a varied ecology ranging from primary and secondary forests to rhododendron, oak and pine forests. In addition, the wetlands and open fields inside the valley make up a diverse habitat for many species of birds. The most popular bird watching spot is the Phulchoki hill, the highest peak on the Valley rim situated 20 km South East of Kathmandu, with some 265 species recorded to date. The birds seen here included babblers, warblers, tits, thrushes, minivets, woodpeckers, eagles and many migrant birds. Godavari, at the foot of Phulchoki hill where the Royal Botanical Garden is situated, records over 100 species of birds including the lesser racket-tailed drongo, Tibetan siskin and the spotted forktail. Likewise, the Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve Situated 11km to the North of Kathmandu, is another site for natural wilderness. Besides, Nagerjun Royal Forest on the way to Kakani is a renowned sight for bird enthusiasts. Furthermore, Bardia National park is also a popular destination for wilderness tour.

Advance for Bardia National Park Tour and experience many wild species, including the rare flora and fauna of Nepal. The tour encompasses the jungle activities like bird-watching, jungle tour, elephant safari, etc. The Bardia National Park in the Western Terai of Nepal is a famous habitat for the wildlife in the region. The National Park which also includes the Babai River Valley preserves in its forest, grassland and river habitats. The region is home to many wild species, including the endangered flora and fauna. The Park is also famous for elephant safari. The Elephant Safari inside the jungle provides both fun and safety. On an Elephant Safari, you enjoy the company of tall grass, forests, and wild animals. Among the rare wild animals include rhinoceros, Wild elephants, The Royal Bengal Tiger, Swamp deer, Black buck, Gharial Crocodile, and Gangetic Dolphins. Just imagine throbbing with true wildness of far western region of Nepal. Similarly, Annapurna region also offers an incredible glimpse of Nepal’s wilderness.

To capture the true replica of wilderness of Annapurna region, it is better to go for Annapurna Circle Trek. The trek apart from offering grand mountain vistas helps to explore the rich flora and fauna of the Annapurna Conservation Area. The conservation area is the largest and most protected region in the World, covering around 2600sq km towards the North-central region of Nepal. The Kali Gandaki river runs North to South through this region, through the world’s deepest gorge, some 6000m below the high Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massifs, seven of these peaks are over 7000m, the highest (Annapurna I) at 8091m. The region supports a remarkable but fragile biodiversity, with 441 recorded species of birds (so far), including the only endemic species of Nepal, the spiny babbler. Likewise, move for Kathmandu and Chitwan Tour to explore nature, culture, and wildlife experience.

If you are planning to intermingle with culture and nature at your Nepal Tours, Kathmandu and Chitwan will be the best sites for ideal excursion. Upon reaching your wilderness escape destination, you stroll through the medieval streets of Kathmandu valley along with its UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Then you drive into the mountains to Chitwan Jungle along the cascading Trishuli River below. In Chitwan, you will discover Chitwan National Par. The National Park holds an important place in preserving the wild lives which are rapidly getting extinct. Throughout your wilderness excursion, you encompass some of the most spectacular natural, cultural, and wildlife splendors of Nepal. In addition, think for Nepal Village Home Stay Tour to experience the unique opportunity of being a part of the ethnic Nepalese village.

Head for villages of Nepal where you can dine with local people. While staying with local people you can make exposure to both the culture and nature of remote villages of Nepal. After landing in Kathmandu, you explore the majestic sites of the Kathmandu valley. Then after, you move forth your prearranged destination of Nepal that is your dream village. The concept of village or home stay tour helps you to encompass some of the most spectacular natural and cultural sites of Nepal and at the same time, you enjoy the company of dozens of waterfalls and mountains, flora & fauna, and rural villages sprawled over the mountains representing a variety of ethnic groups and cultures. Besides, walk for Wildlife, Lakes and Mountain Tour to know the perfect wilderness of Nepal at a time.

Begin the perfect wilderness trip of Nepal from Kathmandu. At first, visit at some of the landmarks of Kathmandu valley. Then after make a journey to Pokhara, the pristine lake city. After enjoying magnificent vistas of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Fishtail, and many more drive for Chitwan. In Chitwan you meet with your desire of wilderness. Chitwan National Park is full of natural beauties and offers dense habitat for the wildlife such as Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, one horned Rhinoceros, wild Elephant, marsh Crocodile, wild Boar, sloth bear, and several species of deer including spotted, barking  Samber and hog deer. The Park is also home to more than 450 species of birds and a great variety of flora.

At last, Eco-Community Cultural Trek lets you experience the beautiful mountain vistas and the rich cultural heritage of the Annapurna region in western Nepal. The trails ultimately will take you to the heart of the farming community while journeying into one of the world’s highest mountains at the back drop. This trip will also let you acquainted with the beautiful Rhododendron forests, sacred Hindu temples, lakes with stunning views of the Annapurna.

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