Wonderful trip to Bhutan

Bhutan The Last Shangri-La Tour Review

I want to take a moment to let you know the wonderful job Yeshi Wangdi did as my tour guide for Bhutan. He was very kind, flexible and willing to adjust my itinerary and accommodations if necessary continually. He knows the history and culture of Bhutan which brings vitality and joy to the journey for his client.
As he got more familiar with what I liked he was able to suggest wonderful places to visit. He was punctual and kept me busy as I requested. I would highly recommend him as a guide.

Village of bhutan

I had two drivers one for two days, but he did a very good job…the second for longer…he did an excellent job driving long hours on some very difficult roads. He was responsible, kind and polite…I would highly recommend him as a driver.
Thank you for a wonderful trip to Bhutan…I look forward to visiting there again…it is a special place.

-reviewed by Dara Birnbaum

19 May 2017

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