Tibet wildlife holiday Tour

The Tibetan Plateau is one of the largest and mostly uninhabited parts of the world. In it all wildlife enthusiasts can find as many of the world’s rarest, least known and most heavily persecuted species.

The Tibet wildlife holiday Tour is more than just a safari holiday. Explore the most iconic city in the world, the wonderful and historic capital of Tibet (Lhasa). Lhasa is the last stronghold of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet.

Explore Lhasa and its amazing buildings for a couple of days before heading out into the true wilderness of Tibet. Beside the wonderful mountain vistas and the amazing Buddhist culture in Tibet, the tour focuses on the wildlife.

Visit the Chang Tang and Qiang Tang Wildlife Sanctuary where species such as Tibetan gazelle, Tibetan antelope, wild yak, kiang, goitered gazelles and Tibetan foxes can be found in large numbers. Also scan the hillsides for some of the rarer species such as snow leopards, Pallas’ cats, Eurasian lynx, Tibetan wolves, Himalayan brown bears, and white-lipped deer.

And, of course keep your eyes peeled in the skies for birds such as eagles and vultures that soar high over the plateau searching out prey or carcasses over vast distances.

This holiday tour is a unique experience to spot some of the world’s least understood species.

Why choose this holiday Tour with Himalayan Glacier?

• This tour gives you the chance to understand the behaviors and habits of the wildlife you’re observing.

• By joining with us you will be experiencing a part of the world that is seldom visited and being one of a few people that have experienced the wildlife in Tibet.

• We have explored all the areas we visit in depth and have found the best and most conveniently located accommodations to stay in whilst spotting wildlife.

• Become one of the first people to tracking down some of Tibet’s rare and endemic mammals in the wild.

• We also have a great network of locations in South Asia for other wildlife watching, so we can arrange wildlife tour in the Himalayas according to your choice.

Please inform us if you wish to receive more information about any of these Himalayan locations.

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