Things To Do In Tanzania

Tanzania is a country with unforgettable memories. The landscapes comprising Africa’s highest mountains, rainforests, and vast grasslands are simply spectacular. There are quite a lot of things to do while you are in the fabulous country and Tanzania is obviously synonymous with the terms like adventure, excitement and being outdoors. One third of the entire country’s protected area comprises national parks, game reserves or marine reserves.While Serengeti National Park and Mt. Kilimanjaro are the star attractions, there are many other things to do in Tanzania besides viewing the wildlife and conquering the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

Here is a comprehensive list of things to do in Tanzania that would entice adventurers and nature lovers to bring out their long-hidden wanderlust and explore the best of eastern Africa:

  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro: Climbing to the roof of Africa is the number one pick for most of the visitors in Tanzania.
  • Safari in the Serengeti: Serengeti National Park is Africa’s number one wildlife destination for a good reason. Visiting this site offers amazing wildlife including lions, cheetahs, elephants, and leopards living in their natural habitats.
  • The Great Migration: Watch the annual migration of gnus, zebras, wildebeests, and other antelopes from the Serengeti plains to Kenya’s Maasai Mara from December to March.
  • Explore Stone Town in Zanzibar: This UNESCO World Heritage site is a testimony to the old days of Arab rule. The birthplace of Freddie Mercury, the late vocalist of the band ‘Queen’, the winding streets of Stone Town are lined with exotic shops, bazaars, colonial mansions, mosques, and squares.
  • Snorkel or Scuba Dive in Zanzibar: Zanzibar is considered to have the best diving on the entire east coast of Africa and snorkelers will definitely be gratified with what they get to see.
  • Hot Air Balloon flight over Serengeti: For luxury-seeking tourists, watching the sunrise and the vast landscapes hosting millions of animals from a hot air balloon flight over Serengeti is a dramatic moment.
  • Dive with whales and sharks: Tanzania has some of the best diving locations on the African continent. Head out to some of the off-the-beaten path regions in Mafia Island or Pemba Island.
  • Experience wilderness seclusion at Selous Game Reserve: This UNESCO World Heritage site is actually larger than Switzerland and one of the biggest reserves in the world. Head out to an isolated lodge within the reserve to experience a truly remote wildlife adventure.
  • Visit Gombe Stream National Park: A protected area located on the north shore of Lake Tanganyika makes a spectacular hike with an opportunity to see the famous chimpanzees.
  • Visit Lake Manyara National Park: A combination of grasslands, woodland, forest and swamps, observe the remarkable work of nature and different species of birds here. Get an opportunity to watch tree-climbing lions here.
  • Sail in a dhow: Join a Swahili on his dhow and immerse in a truly spiritual experience.
  • Feel the beautiful remoteness of Lake Natron: A lesser-known gem on Tanzania’s notable Northern Circuit, this salt-lake is home to more than 2 million flamingos.
  • Marvel at the Great Rift Valley: The Great Rift Valley stretches right from Lebanon all the way through northern Africa navigating across Tanzania and ending in Mozambique. The valley, a vast site, is known to house the famous Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti.
  • Meet the wildlife of Ruaha National Park: Visit Tanzania’s largest national park and see herds of gazelle, buffalo and elephants in this untouched landscape.
  • Visit Ngorongoro Crater: The largest unbroken caldera in the world that is not submerged in water and housing around 45,000 animals living in harmony, is a beautiful experience within the volcano.
  • Explore beaches in Zanzibar: Among the most beautiful places in Tanzania are the beaches in Zanzibar. Many resorts here offer a range of activities such as diving, snorkeling, and sunset cruises on while-sailed dhows.
  • Take a history lesson at the National Museum: The museum located next to the Botanical Gardens in Dar es Salaam brings out the fascinating history and culture of this ancient region.
  • Visit the Iraqw Village: Located near the town of Karatu near the Ngorongoro crater, is one village in Tanzania which is a must-visit.
  • Go on a Yoga Safari: Do yoga with a qualified instructor while discovering the wildlife amid relaxation and beauty of the African landscapes.
  • Birdwatching in Tarangire National Park: Tarangire is a humble abode of bird-watchers because of its exceptional birdlife with over 550 different species.
  • Explore Olduvai Gorge: Located midway between the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater, this gorge is known to be the cradle of civilization and one of the most scientific sites in the world.
  • Hang out with the local tribal people: With plenty of tribal communities in the whole of Africa, Tanzania has some of the most interesting tribes. Visit one of the villages and peek into the local lives of the well-known tribal people.
  • Wander around Moshi: Lying beneath the mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro, Moshi is a small, charming and verdant town with some good restaurants and a colorful market.
  • Explore the local cuisine: Because of the abundance of the Tanzanian wildlife, culture and arts, cuisine has been somewhat overlooked. However, with numerous remarkable and unique dishes, exploring the local cuisine is quite worthy.
  • Visit a Maasai Tribe: Listen to the outlook and the stories of the Masaai tribe people and their ancestry, step inside their homes and purchase local souvenirs from them.
  • Explore western Tanzania: Go swimming in Lake Tanganyika and explore the Mahale Mountains and also get an opportunity to see the chimpanzees in their natural habitat.
  • Visit Mwenge Carvers’ Market: Located within short distance northwards from Dar es Salaam, this fascinating market has vendors selling their beautiful handmade wares.
  • Climb Mt. Meru: Though far less popular than its counterpart Mt. Kilimanjaro, a 3-day trek to the summit of the striking mountain is an equally challenging and a cheaper option.
  • Visit Arusha Cultural Center: Take a fascinating walk through African culture in a tranquil setting of the cultural center, which is a new attraction housing African art and paintings.
  • Fishing at Lake Victoria: Spend a few hours and enjoy quiet time by the water in the largest freshwater lake in Africa while trying a hand in fishing.
  • Visit Rubondo Island: Protected as a national park, the island is remote, unspoiled and covered with dense forest. Visit the island to spot some exceptional butterflies, elephants, chimpanzees rare antelopes and birdlife.

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