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Passport & Visa in Tanzania

Most of the visitors from an abroad country can receive a visa-on-arrival in Tanzania. With the exception of countries like Hong Kong, Jamaica, Barbados, Malaysia and about a dozen other African countries, everybody visiting Tanzania is obligated to acquire a tourist visa. To enter this wonderful country, visitors will also need a passport with at least six-month validity remaining from the date on their arrival. Those who wish to get a visa-on-arrival will need two free adjacent pages remaining in their passports.

Although visas are available upon arrival, either on landing at one of the airports or via border crossings, travelers can now apply for an online visa to visit Tanzania, including both the mainland and Zanzibar. For this, visitors will need to fill up an online form, make the necessary payment, and submit the visa application online. The submitted form will be internally reviewed and processed for further scrutiny and/or consideration. All the online visa applicants will be notified through e-mails whether their applications have been accepted or rejected. Applicants can also track their application statuses through the online system. In some cases, nationals of some countries may have to visit the nearest Tanzanian embassies or consular offices for interviews.

A single-entry visa is issued to a traveler for a period of not more than 90 days for the purpose of holiday, visiting, leisure, health treatment, studies, or any other legal activities. The visa will cost $50 for single entry and $100 for a double-entry visa for the same period of time, which should be paid in USD dollars. American citizens however, can only obtain a multiple-entry visa for $100. While tourists from other countries can obtain any type of visa depending on the requirement. The maximum validity of this visa type is 12 months with a general condition that the visitor cannot stay in the country for 12 consecutive months. It means that the tourist must exit from the country at most after every 3 months and re-enter again. Gratis visa is issued for single entry or multiple entry to holders of diplomatic, service or official passports. The other types of visas issued by the Tanzanian government authorities are transit visa, business visa, and referral visa.

A business visa will cost $250 while the cost of a transit visa is $30. Likewise, a student visa will cost $250 and the visa fee for Gratis visa is not required to be paid. Most of the African countries and several other American or Asian countries do not require a visa for traveling in Tanzania.  However, travelers from these countries need to have their passports with them. Some of the popular countries that do not require visa for Tanzania are Singapore, Malta, Malaysia, Kenya, Jamaica, Ghana, Gambia, Cyprus, Barbados, Bahamas, Cook Island, Madagascar, Mauritius, Romania, and Brunei.

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