Homestay now available in Domukha

Homestay is now available at Domukha, the popular tourist destination in Satasidham of Jhapa.

Homestay has been intiated in order to promote domestic tourism at the local level, said Chairman of the Domukha religious and tourism development management committee, Dhan Prasad Lawoti.

Tourists availing of the homestay service are also briefed about the geographical situation as well as other various aspects of the region.

Meanwhile, construction of the park highlighting the identity of Domukha is in the final phase. Physical infrastructure development is taking place here after the DDC allocated Rs. 700,000 for the same.

Located between Satasidham-9 of Jhapa and Mahamai VDC-7 of Ilam, Domukha on the bank of Kankai river is a popular tourist destination of the east.

A large number of people from Nepal as well as from neighbouring India come here for picnic and other recreational activities.

source: gorkhapatraonline.com, 20 Jan 2014

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