9 Great Reasons to visit Nepal now!

As Nepal is reeling from a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck near the center of the country, it has raised fears and doubts amongst tourists who planned or wished to visit Nepal but are now hesitant about their trips. Well think again! Visiting Nepal now might just be the best time and life-changing experience you have been looking for. And here is why:

1. Nepal is safe to visit

In spite of the earthquake, most of the places in Nepal are perfectly safe to travel. Travel agencies, hotels, airlines, communication, roadways, hospitals and other services are up and running in most of the areas. Annapurna region, Nepal’s most popular trekking region and Pokhara, the beautiful lake city, is untouched and safe to visit.

2. Be a part of Nepal’s great rebuilding process

Just by coming to Nepal and visiting the amazing places it has to offer, you will contribute towards the long-term rebuilding process of Nepal. Visiting Nepal will boost the morale of Nepalese and help Nepal’s tourism industry (which provides millions of jobs to these Nepalese people) bounce back.

3. Volunteer and make a difference in people’s lives

Nepalese people are trying hard, more than ever, to get back on their feet. As such, they can use all the help that is available. Be it distribution of relief materials, conducting sanitation programs, rebuilding of houses, clearing debris, constructing emergency shelters etc. Sign up for our Volunteering Program and make a difference in people’s lives.

4. Nepal and Nepalese people

Despite the devastation caused by the earthquake, Nepal stands strong and beautiful as ever. There are many monuments that haven’t fallen and many beautiful areas that are still safe to trek and visit. The culture, food and the resilient Nepalese people are all still going to be here. Nepal is still a vibrant, amazing, hospitable destination.

5. Experience Nepal in a different light

You don’t walk into a place like this often which has been shaken badly by one of the worst imaginable natural calamity. Observe Nepal in a different light, see the aftermath of the earthquake, interact with the local people and communities, listen to their stories and understand the real situation.

6. Grab some of the best deals and offers


Hotels, travel agents, tour operators, restaurants are giving some of the best deals and discount offers you could only hope for. In a bid to encourage travelers and visitors, they have come up with some of the greatest deals of all time. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity right away!

7. Autumn

autumnThe best season for visiting Nepal, Autumn is just around the corner. September, October and November is the peak season for tourists to visit Nepal. You should definitely not miss out on this opportune time to visit Nepal this year. Go ahead and book your trip now!

8. Avoid the crowd

without-crowdMost of the trails and trekking routes of Nepal are flooded with tourists every season preventing you from getting the best of what those places and trails have to offer. This might just be the right time for you to visit Nepal and immerse in the natural splendor without having anyone to bother you.

9. Be a part of the history

historyBeing here at such a critical time, be it for volunteering or simply visiting Nepal, means you are helping us in every possible way. Later when you look back and reflect on your life, you can proudly say that “I was a part of this tragedy when Nepal was limping back from the massive earthquake. I was there and I helped.” You will be a part of Nepalese history forever.

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