Diverse Nepali contemporary art

Kathmandu: Sculpture, painting, photography, video installation, performance, installation and more, everything under one roof is being showcased from May 3 at Bikalpa Art Centre, Jhamsikhel.

With the title ‘Bikalpa’s 1st Hive 2013 Panorama 24’ the exhibition has brought 24 Nepali contemporary artists together focusing on the diversity in the contemporary art form.

‘Need to know nothing’ is a huge sculpture out in the open by Agam Shrestha. It is a sculpture of a large human body in a meditative posture with metal circle as face by using junk materials, and a metal line as neck attached is an unusual piece.

Likewise, installation ‘The mind does react’ by Sundar Lama is eye catching due to the bright orange and calm white color. He has used white A4 sized papers on the floor. A similar kind of paper man’s face prints is scattered around, which has a beard with mouth wide open with hints of orange hue. On top of this layer are three different masks colored in orange, ink blue and yellow with the same expression. Near this, many small white paper horses seem moving towards numerous dots on the paper in a wooden frame. Above all this is hangs on threads an orange colored set of teeth and multi colored paper flower. ‘Art is Process’, video installation by Sujan Dangol has interestingly projected his visuals of cutting his hair and giving it the form of text similar to the title of his work with green color effect. The video is projected on a big metal vessel with water in it where the art work is kept inside a square shape made of flower petals.

In ‘Kerosene’ and ‘At last of pain’ by Supriya Manandhar she has depicted a woman as a victim of violence. Through metaphors of burned paper, picture of kerosene vessel, faceless female… in a collage of different digital prints, she has used pink color in the background to show feminine perspective, symbolizing dimensions of pain of a victim.

While in the painting by Kailash K Shrestha ‘Layer the identity’ has shown different cultural identity where in one frame there is western royal personals and in another people in traditional Nepali attires.

In both the artwork using acrylic on a newspaper he has not revealed the facial features which has black background that questions our stereotypical way of judging a person through his/her way of dressing.

Sangeeta Thapa, founder/director of Siddhartha Art Gallery present at the exhibition shared, “The exhibition is a good mixture of everything.”

The exhibition is on till May 17.

Source: The Himalayan Times

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