Experts: Tibet should develop diverse plateau sports

The Scientific Research Seminar on Plateau Sports held in Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region recently suggests that Tibet should develop various sports tourism products for the market is getting busier these years around China.

Cai Youzhi, deputy director from the Scientific Research Department of the Beijing Sports University, said that tourism industry is booming in Tibet, and featured sports such as mountain climbing is getting popular.

Cai suggests that Tibet could develop diverse sports tourism products for different people to meet the growing demand.

“Winter camp and summer camp closely connected to sports could be a wonderful choice,” Cai said, adding that travel agent can cooperate with sports schools on this.

Tibet, with an average altitude of 4,000 meters, is endowed with magnificent mountains, lakes and forests. Variety of outdoor sports can be applied in the area.

Cai believed that outdoor sports has been a growing industry these years since people become concerned more about exercise and self-challenge.

He emphasized that training should be given at first to reduce risks and fear of highland sports. He suggested Tibet should also develop relevant hypoxic training equipment.

source: CCTV, 08 NOV 2013

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