What is the best month to visit Tibet?

The autonomous region of Tibet is a spiritually and culturally rich plateau, located at an altitude of 4,380m (14,370 feet). To make the most of your time, we recommend you to travel during the summer (May-September), which is considered to be the best season to visit Tibet. As summer also means monsoon, the best months to travel in Tibet are regarded as May and June, when the rainfall is minimal. However, you can visit the western, more arid parts of Tibet between June and August when the nights are relatively less cold.

Potala Palace, Tibet during the best time to visit tibet
Potala Palace, Tibet

Connect with our Tibet travel expert for a guided tour of Tibet with an English-speaking, experienced, local guide. That way, you won’t miss out on the historical stories of the monuments and get the best cultural experience!

Apart from summer, the fall season, especially the month of October is regarded as the best time to visit Tibet. As the plateau gets plenty of sunshine especially in the capital, Lhasa, the days can be pleasant. In addition, the skies clear up, allowing a clear view of the beautiful mountains that it lies among. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

MonthTemperature Range (Max/Min)Average Rainfall
January6.7oC/-10oC   (44oF/ 14oF)1mm/0inches
February8.9oC/ -6.7oC  (48oF/ 20oF)2mm/ 0.1 inches
March12.2oC/-2.8oC  (54oF/ 27oF)3mm/ 0.1 inches
April15.6oC/1.1oC  (60oF/ 34oF)9mm/ 0.3 inches
May19.4oC/ 5oC  (67oF/ 41oF)30mm/ 1.2 inches
June22.8oC/ 9.4oC   (73oF/ 49oF)75mm/ 3 inches
July22.2oC/ 10oC  (72oF/ 50oF)130mm/ 5.1 inches
August21.1oC/ 9.4oC  (70oF/ 4oF)135mm/ 5.3 inches
September25.6oC/ 7.2oC  (78oF/ 45oF)65mm/ 2.6 inches
October16.1oC/ 1.1oC  (61oF/ 34oF)9mm/ 0.3 inches
November11.1oC/-5oC  (52oF/ 3oF)1mm/ 0 inches
December7.8oC/-8.9oC  (46oF/ 16oF)0mm/0 inches

Spring (Feb-April)

Visiting Tibet during the spring is hard. The country rolls its shutters down to celebrate its biggest festivals – the Tibetan New Year (Lhosar) in February and the Butter Lamp festival in March. However, once they reopen in April, the weather during the spring season is one of the best times to explore Tibet. The temperature starts rising, and you’ll get unobstructed views of the magnificent mountains. As there are fewer people visiting during this time, you’ll certainly enjoy your visit.

Sheep Rearing Culture in Tibet during spring
Sheep Rearing Culture in Tibet

Did you know?
Tibet follows the lunar calendar system, which is based on the cycles of the Moon.

Summer (May-September)

Summer is the best season to visit Tibet. As climbing season draws near, May receives many climbers attempting to scale the many peaks around it such as Mt Kailash. It is easier to get Tibet travel permits to visit the more remote attractions.

Apart from easy accommodations and availability of local guides, summer brings with it a higher number of visitors, and monsoon rain. However, as Tibet falls in a rain-shadow region, the summer monsoon that it gets is relatively sparse, and thus does not cause much impact to the Tibetan tourist season.

Witness the celebrations of the Shoton Festival, the Ganden Thanka unveiling festival, and the Nagchu Horse Racing festival, during mid-summer season (July-August).

Mount Kailash, Tibet during summer
Mount Kailash, Tibet

Fall (September-October)

Fall season is one of the best seasons to visit Tibet. If you don’t mind the chillier weather, the usual summer crowds dissipate and so do the monsoon rain clouds. This gives you more of an opportunity to visit Tibet in its element. It is the perfect time to explore Lhasa to your heart’s content.

If you’re planning to enter Tibet from Nepal, October is the best time for a combined Nepal and Tibet tour, as it is festival season in Nepal, and one of the most beautiful times to visit. In addition, if mountaineering expeditions are a part of your itinerary, the drier months of fall are just right for climbing. 

Himalayas from Tibet side during best time to visit tibet
Himalayas from Tibet side

Did you know?
Oxygen content is higher during fall than in the colder months. Plan the perfect trip in the most optimal weather conditions for a comfortable trip.

Winter (November-January)

As with any mountainous region, winter is a hard time to visit. Due to the colder climate, visiting Tibet during the winter season is not advisable. It gets harder to get the desired accommodations, and certain attractions may even be inaccessible due to the snow. If you want an engaging winter tour, you can spice is up with a combined Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet tour.

However, bar the weather, you will get the most pristine views of the Himalayas, and the crowds are almost non-existent. Furthermore, the accommodations as well as other travel rates in the country become much more affordable.

For more information and tips for Tibet travel, you can talk to one of our travel experts. If you have any queries on the best time to visit Tibet contact us, or WhatsApp us at +1-410-307-0007  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you travel independently in Tibet?

Due to restrictions from the Chinese government, you cannot travel independently in Tibet without a tour guide. However, there are many incredible Tibet group tours that showcase the country beautifully. If you want to travel to Tibet independently, you can book a private Tibet tour to explore their spiritual and natural wealth with an experienced local guide.

How to get a Tibet Travel Permit?

If you’re entering through Nepal, you’ll need a China Group visa with your Tibet Travel permit. Once you’ve confirmed your specific Tibet trip with us, we’ll submit Tibet Permit application to Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB). Once that is issued and you arrive to Kathmandu, you can fill your application form for the China Group visa, and we’ll carry out the rest. If you’re entering from the Chinese mainland, all we will need is your China Entry visa, your passport and trip details to get the permit.

How to travel to Tibet from the United States?

Once you have obtained your Tibet Travel Permit, you have two options when travelling to Tibet from the United States- fly directly to the Chinese mainland, and thus enter Lhasa; or fly to Kathmandu. Once in Kathmandu, you can either drive to Lhasa from Kyirong border or take a direct  flight to Lhasa.

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