6 Special Escapes in Nepal

Are you in search of an especial escape from your repetitive tasks of life? Are you in need of an ideal travel destination for especial escapes? Do you like to experience mountain paradise? The ideal paradise is here in the Himalayas? Make a special trip to Nepal and find yourself engaged on different sorts of unique activities from yoga and meditation to honey hunting at the yard of Himalayas. While enjoying the 6 Special Escapes in Nepal, you lost in the pristine nature and learn how to be “One with Nature”. Here are listed the top 6 Special Escapes in Nepal.

Pilgrimage Tour of Nepal
Pilgrimage Tour of Nepal

1. Yoga and Meditation, a spiritual path to the peace of the world, takes you beyond the world of anxieties offering the bliss of ultimate happiness in the world. Making a short tour for Yoga and Meditation in the Himalayas will prove to be one of the greatest escapes in the world. Just make a Kathmandu Tour or Explore Lhasa and delve into the mystic paths to greatest happiness. It is the only way that helps you to make inward journey that is “Journey Within” or Knowing Thyself”. The Himalayas have played a big role in self-realization. Himalayas’ isolation from the world and ideal environment makes Nepal an ideal place to practice yoga. A lot of travelers come to Nepal for meditation and yoga and to merge with the mighty Himalayas. Meditation is one of the most ancient techniques for the self-realization. It means ‘to see things as you really are’. It is an art of living which frees the person from all the negativities of mind, such as anger, greed and ignorance. It is a practice which develops positive, creative energy for the betterment of the individual and society. Likewise, Yoga means ‘Oneness”. Yoga helps to unite human mind and soul or let’s say human body and soul. The ancient path to truth creates inner harmony between body and mind. So, give a break to your hectic schedule and move to seek the mystery of happiness in Nepal and its remote Himalayas.

2. Can you imagine the adventure drama of Honey Hunting in Nepal? The heart chilling adventure in Nepal is becoming increasingly popular. Intermingle with the local community of hilly regions of Nepal, and give a taste your adventure stamina and endurance. Honey Hunting, the collection of Honey from the nests of wild Bees built on steep cliffs is an age-old tradition of Nepal. Local honey hunters show their exceptional skills by hanging themselves from cliffs as high as 300 meters using Bamboo ladders and hemp ropes, while harvesting the honeycombs. Everyone is thrilled to watch honey hunters at work. The thrill is not less adventurous than making a trip to Everest Base Camp Trek. Besides, you will always enjoy the company of compelling Himalayan vistas at this especial escape to Nepal.

3. Pilgrimage Tour of Nepal, an essentially special escape, takes you to the yard of Gods in the Himalayas. While making this special escape in Nepal you will walk through the spiritually sacred places in the world. Nepal is also birth-place of Gautam Buddha and the towering Himalayas are extremely sacred. It is in the sense that hundreds of saints attained the light of enlightenment in the Himalayas. Beyond this, make a Nepal Temples & Pagodas Tour and see the Pashupatinath temple, Boudhanath stupa and Dakshinkali temple in Kathmandu. Furthermore, advance forth for Jomsom Muktinath Trek to have glimpses of Muktinath Temple in Jomsom which is fine example of the religious harmony rested in the lap of Himalayas. Apart from Nepal Himalayas, you can Explore Tibet or make a Mount Kailash Yatra to see how religious sentiment throbs in the life of Tibetan people. And truly speaking, if you are serious to experience the fervor of true pilgrimage then prepare for Golden Triangle India Tour and witness the pulsating colors of Hindu pilgrimage at different palaces of India.

4. Honeymoon, another special escape in the Himalayas, is an extremely different concept to rejoice the most beautiful moment of your life. Nepal offers an exceptionally unique place for this purpose. If you are among the dreamer for the best honeymoon, choose Nepal – home of the highest Himalayas on the Earth and the Place of ancient cultures. Just give a passage to your life’s beautiful moment at Nepal Holiday Tour and observe how it will unfold the secret of happiness in the lap of grandest Himalayas. While dining at the most luxury hotel in Pokhara, capture an unforgettable honeymoon experience and also view the towering Himalayas.

5. Imagine the extreme pleasure of Fishing adventure in the glacial rivers of Nepal. The Himalayan rivers and lakes offer good grounds for fishing for the fishing adventure lovers. It will be an exciting and wonderful spot to hook out the colorful fish in the clear Himalayan Rivers. Give vent to your emotion of dream adventure and make a journey for fishing trips in the remote Himalayan Rivers like Karnali, Babai, Kaligandaki, Trisuli and Arun. The dream escape does not end here. You can visit around the different lakes of Nepal situated at higher altitude or you can even cover The Bardiya National Park to discover the beautiful moment of fishing in Nepal. Overall, fishing is more fun in the mountain streams than other types of rivers found around the world.

6. Golfing is the grandest pleasure one can enjoy at the background of spectacular Himalayas in Nepal. Nepal has some famous golf courses that provide excellent opportunity to play in the tranquil natural beauty and in the back drop of incredible Himalayan panorama. See the grand vistas of mighty eight-thousanders and sip the perfect joy of playing in the pristine paradise in Earth. Choose the finest golf course either in Kathmandu or in Pokhara and make you special escape of Nepal most memorable. Furthermore, if you happen to be in Pokhara you can also make a slightly short Nepal Sunrise Tour to have a panoramic view of the Annapurna Himalayan range.

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