Trekking Styles in Nepal

Legions of trekkers are drawn to Nepal’s most iconic and accessible hiking, some of the world’s best, with rugged trails to the Everest, Annapurna and beyond. The diversity of nature and exotic culture makes this country ideal for trekking offering less-explored trails that promise authentic experiences.


Trekking styles are basically categorized into two types in Nepal: Tea House Trek and Camping Trek. You can find extensive networks of lodges known as teahouses in the popular trekking regions of Nepal especially the Everest, Annapurna and Langtang. As the altitude and remoteness of your trek increases, tea houses become rare and sometimes they are located too far apart and you have no option than camping with your fellow trekkers.

Both teahouse trek and camping trek offer invigorating experience and vary only slightly. Nowadays, on many the main trekking trails of Nepal you will find small, simple teahouses and lodges that have become better and better at catering for trekker’s needs. Here is brief information on Tea-house Treks and Camping Treks in Nepal:

Tea House Treks


Nepal’s mountain sides are scattered with small villages that offer small tea houses/lodges accommodations. Lodges and Teahouses are interchangeable names for the same thing when it comes to trekking in Nepal. This hassle-free way of trekking provides you with a bed, meals, and shower facilities. The rooms generally are cozy with two beds and attached bathrooms. Some teahouses offer a wide variety of food and some actually have basic Nepali and Tibetan meals.  Dinner and breakfast is done in the lodge where you stay overnight, but lunch is usually taken somewhere along the route.

Accommodations can vary from those similar to hotels to more rustic settings. There is a range in quality, standard and service in teahouse lodges depending on location i.e. lodges at higher altitude and places with lower trekker traffic tend to have more basic facilities. Tea House Treks may be done independently or you may hire a guide and porter to help you along the trail and carry your heavy backpack.  This is a great way to trek, connect with local people and meet other trekkers from around the world.

Camping/Organized Treks


This classic style of trekking is a little more expensive and requires a lot more organization but allows access into more remote areas. This classic style of trekking can be conducted almost anywhere in the country. The treks are fully organized and supported with a team of leaders, guides, cooks, Sherpas and porters who accompany you.

All the necessary gear and equipments: food, fuel and other goods are carried by porters. The cook prepares all the meals during the trek. On this trek you will be in large comfortable domed tents with a fly, have reasonably thick foam mattresses on thinner insulation liners, sit on stools and table for meals. There will be a team of professional guides, cooks, leaders and porters to take care of all the technical and logistical aspects during camping treks. Camping treks can be organized in all areas that are open for trekking by Government throughout Nepal.

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