Top 5 intriguing things to do in Tibet

Tibet, the Roof of the World, nestled high in the mountains, with deep vast lakes and rivers and wide rolling plains is famous for its mysticism and beauty. The Roof of the World, undisputed, a land of serene, mysterious and exotic traveling destination appeals human sense of beauty by its exquisitely architected monasteries, refined paintings, cultural intactness, religious belief and innocent people. Tibet is stunningly intriguing Himalayan state that makes a traveler restless to explore.

Tibet Monastery
Tibet Monastery

Here are 5 intriguing things to do for a traveler who is making a tour in Tibet.

1. Pay your visit to Tibetan Monasteries

For a perfect knowledge of Buddhist world view and for an understanding of how the ancient religion is kept alive today, you must visit Tibetan monasteries. Visiting the sites like Tibetan monasteries means you have to travel through inner core of Tibetan civilization which is still far away from the reach of modernity. While journeying through different monasteries in Tibet, travelers also get live glimpses of Tibetan countryside. These kinds of excursion around Tibet also provide a chance to experience the way of life in a monastery practiced by Tibetan monks and their way of getting enlightenment. Beyond these experiences, a traveler can also have a chance to study wonderful sample of Tibetan architecture at such sites. Each monastery offers distinct and enchanting examples of Tibetan artistic craftsmanship.

2. Outdoor in great wilderness

Tibet is really a land of incredible outdoor, so traverse through its wilderness. Tibet has mountain trails and trekking trails and pathways to explore. It has deep valleys and lakes to explore or the base of various peaks to trek. Therefore, embark on an exploration or hiking tour, if you wish to enjoy a Tibetan outdoors experience in its wilderness.

3. Explore Tibetan culture

No trip to Tibet is complete without exploring the unique culture and lifestyle of the Tibetan people. The best way to immerse into Tibetan culture is to indulge in the local cuisine. Actually, taste of Tibetan foods in the traditional way help you perceive the long lived cultural. To really get the taste and feel the local touch, visit a small tea-house or restaurant around Tibetan villages. Similarly, to get real picture of Tibetan culture visit Barkhor street in Lhasa. Barkhor street surrounds the Jokhang Temple, where spirituality and modern life revolve around the temple. For the traveler, there are souvenirs, keepsakes and Tibetan artifacts to buy.

4. Visit at local architectural attractions

Apart from monasteries, Tibet does have other architectural attractions, in the form of palaces, ruins, museums, gardens and temples. The Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, is the heart of Tibetan Buddhism and is visited by millions of pilgrims, being the holiest of all Buddhist sites in Tibet. Furthermore, Potala Palace in Lhasa is one of Tibet’s most captivating constructions. It is a treasure house for Tibetan relics and artifacts. Also make excursion into Yongbulakang Castle, The Norbulingka Palace, Guge Kingdom, The Ramoche Temple, and Tengye Ling. Visiting these sites create wonder and awe in with the travelers because of seeing craftsmanship portrayed in those sites.

5. Walk around the countryside

Take a tour of the natural countryside of Tibet, by visiting one of its many lakes and rivers. The deep blue waters, enclosed by miles of green pastures, valleys and mountain range give you thrilling experience. Lake Namtso, the largest lake in Tibet, is one such spot. A more sacred and holy spot which is the highest freshwater lake in the world is Lake Manasarovar. Close to Lake Manasarovar is Mt. Kailash. Mt. Kailash is a very famous distinct peak with a great religious significance for Buddhism and Hinduism. Another intriguing thing to do in Tibet is you can visit the base of Mount Everest.

Tibet is a land yet untouched by the ruthlessness of concrete and modernity offers a distinctive experience for a traveler. While arranging your to do list in Tibet, you just cover the top 5 intriguing things to do in Tibet which allow you to view the lush and rich scenery of mountainside, plains and cultural attractions of Tibet.

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