10 Precautionary Tips for Traveling India

India is the world’s most captivating country – a land of diverse cultures and age old sustained cultural values even in the 21 century. If you are thinking to travel in India, definitively no other country will challenge you like India. The world’s second-most-populous country warmly extends friendly and welcoming national identity.

Here are 10 tips for the travelers who are preparing for India tour. These precautionary tips are applicable whether you are making your excursion into Sikkim and Darjeeling region of India or traversing through The Golden Triangle of India or thinking for traveling to Ladakh region of northwest region of India or embarking on a comprehensive India tour.

Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah, Agra, India
Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah, Agra, India

1. Be conscious while hiring an Autorickshaw driver

For short-distance vehicle, nothing challenges an autorickshaw within the crowed city spaces like Indian cities. Surely! Autorickshaws are cheaper, faster and more plentiful than most other means of cheap transportations. But the promises you get from the autorickshaw drivers are hard to believe. They tell one thing and do the just opposite. But they always know a better place and inner details of Indian cities. Thus, you have to have firm and don’t pay in advance. Negotiate hard on a price before you get in.

2. Be impolite towards street peddlers

In the cities and markets, street peddlers may hound you. If you are offered to some undesired marketplace attention, it is better to ignore it. They are just placing bait on you. They just challenge your extremely level of politeness. The final resort to escape from such street peddlers is to be impolite.

3. Always hire a pre-paid taxi

The moment you prepare to exit from a train station or an airport, ignore everyone offering you a travel. Walk directly for a pre-paid taxi or autorickshaw center to purchase a travel voucher.  Ride on the taxi or autorickshaw. But do not give the drive the voucher until you arrive at your destination! The voucher is as good as cash. Failure to use pre-paid taxis often results into astray or you will lose into drivers’ maze.

4. Hire a driver for city tours

Basically you hotel or the tour manager hire a driver for city tours. Hiring a driver is a fun and comfortable way to compress a lot of sightseeing activities into a short amount of time. It is advisable to hire a car driver to see the sights of major cities like Delhi, Mumbai or the forts and palaces on the outskirts of Jaipur.

5. Be careful from fake Tourist Info Centers

If you are riding on a taxi or autorickshaw and if the driver claims to be “lost” and suggest to head for a Tourist Info Centre for “directions” or “advice,” do not set foot into these places. Don’t listen to a word from them.

6. Monday is not a great day for tour

Usually, what you want to see and do will be closed on Mondays in India. Temples, palaces, ruins, and public museums are off on Monday.

7. Keep secret your personal information

If you leak your personal information like where are you staying or your contact number you will be hounded by unwanted frauds. Do not give anyone your hotel reservation number or anything at all. You may be victimized by scam shops designed to trick tourists.

8. Just book in a First Class Train for every trip

Definitely skip Unreserved Second Class train seats which are generally over-packed, uncomfortable, and open-window. Spend little bit extra amount and go for at least AC class rooms. Generally Indian trains are cheaper so if you book in a First Class Train it does not cost you much. Instead, you will have a luxurious and safe journey.

9. Be careful from monkeys

While touring in India, you may encounter monkeys at so many places. Please do not stare at monkeys. They steal and can be aggressive too. They will even root through your bags if you let them. And they are absolutely not afraid of you. The better idea to be safe is carefully ignore them.

10. Walk away from spontaneous tour guides

A common trick around tourist sites in India, official-looking guides may approach you and begin to guide you whether you asked for it or not. They may request you for unwanted tips.

Beyond these precautionary measures, you can without doubt enjoy and explore India and its incredible diversities in the city spaces to the remote region of Indian Himalayas.

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