Top Attractions in Tanzania - Himalayan Glacier

Top Attractions in Tanzania

Scuba divers and snorkelers may be excited to head away to Pemba or Mafia Islands to experience the coral gardens, colorful fishes and the crystal clear waters. Choose from among the top attractions in Tanzania that you wish to place it on your bucket-list for your imminent travel plans to the wonderful country of the Maasai:

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro – the pride of Africa
  2. Serengeti National Park – playground for the annual migration
  3. Zanzibar Beaches – a major holiday destination in Tanzania
  4. Ngorongoro conservation area – one of Tanzania’s most popular wildlife viewing areas
  5. Olduvai Gorge – a significant archaeological site of human evolution
  6. Lake Manyara National Park – home to thousands of elephants, tree-climbing lions, hippos, baboons and flamingoes
  7. Mafia Island – divers’ and snorkelers’ secret paradise
  8. Tarangire National Park – an excellent spot for birdwatching
  9. Pemba Island – a popular place for mountain bikers and scuba divers
  10. Stone Town – the cultural heart of Zanzibar
  11. Selous Game Reserve – the largest game reserve in Africa
  12. Arusha National Park – the second highest mountain in Tanzania, Mt. Meru is within this park
  13. Ruaha National Park – Tanzania’s largest national park
  14. Gombe Stream National Park – on quite off-the-beaten track with lot of chimpanzees
  15. Katavi National Park – located in a remote region with an unspoiled wilderness
  16. Lake Victoria – the largest freshwater lake in Africa and the source of river Nile
  17. Mimkumi National Park – primarily a decent safari destination
  18. Lake Natron – a lake with very high pH levels
  19. Matema Beach – on Lake Malawi slightly off the tourist track is a great site for swimming
  20. Prison Island – once an outback for convicted prisoners
  21. House of Wonders – features enormous, carved doors that are said to be the largest in east Africa
  22. Jozani Forest – one of the last remaining sanctuaries in the world for colobus monkey
  23. Old Fort – the oldest building in Zanzibar
  24. Mto Wa Mbu – a bright and vibrant village in the Arusha region
  25. Forodhani Gardens – a melting pot of cultures and cuisine in Stone Town

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