Rare animals found in Humla, Mustang

A survey conducted in the upper region of Humla district has found goa (Procapra picticaudata), also known as the Tibetan gazelle and Argali or the mountain sheep, which was deemed extinct.

The survey team, that used methods like camera trapping, recorded and unrecorded observation and discussion with the locals, has found footprints, skin and horns as evidence. Raju Acharya, director of the Friends of Nature, informed about the findings at a press meet in Pokhara on Wednesday.

Likewise, a large number of wild donkeys have been found in Mustang. The number of the wild donkeys is found to have increased to 571 from 37 in the previous 2004 survey. The team also found other endangered animals like the wild boar, which can be seen and heard easily in the region.

Along with the wild animals, habitat of five species of birds, which migrate to Nepal only during the winter, has also been found. The team had conducted surveys in Chyakpalung, Cho Lamjyok Lake, Gheu and Sakya River areas, which are located above 2,400 to 5,200 metres above sea level. Acharya said other endangered animals like snow leopard, Albino bears and musk deer were also found during the survey.

source: ekantipur, 04 OCT 2013

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  1. Nicki

    It’s a very rare opportunity in history for us to get second chances to save an endangered species. Was looking for some takes regarding this topic and I found your article quite informative. It has given me a fresh perspective on the topic tackled. Thanks!

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