9 off the beaten path treks in Nepal

The 9 off the beaten path treks are away from the most popular treks in Nepal that provide a wilderness experience in both natural and cultural aspect of Nepal. Trekkers can observe the isolated mountain villages of Nepal where people are surviving by growing their own food. People and their cultures in the hilly regions of Nepal are still unaffected by modern civilization, yet they have a quite happy life with their own civilization and culture. Infact, these off beaten treks are a glimpse among many hidden treks of Nepal, that gives trekkers and hikers some recreational and spiritual experiences.

Exploring these areas on the trekking trails gives different pleasures and off the beaten trekking experiences. If you are really interested to explore true colors of Nepal – unspoiled flora and fauna, exotic cultures, exceptional mountain views, alpine wilderness, unspoiled villages and rarely beaten mountain trails then go for off-the-beaten-path treks in Nepal enjoying the fully supported camping treks experiences.

1. Royal Trek

Royal trek

This trek presents a true picture of uniqueness and allows you the chance of capturing the traditional lifestyles of the local tribes whose ancient religious practices and traditions have remained untouched for thousands of years.

The trek passing through the foothills of the Annapurna region brings you close to the diverse mix of people and cultures that inhabit this region. During the mountain trails, your journey will be accompanied by the stunning views of the eloquent hillside rice terraces, magnificent Annapurna range, Machapuchhre, and Langtang mountains.

2. Lower Dolpo Trek


Well known for an off-the-beaten-path experience, passes through Shey-Phoksundo National Park with spectacular mountain scenery, Buddhist monasteries and yak caravans. You are already familiar with the remote Himalayan mountains and centuries’ old intact culture of Dolpo region through the Oscar-nominated movie Caravan. Now this is time to go beyond movie presentation to explore the real spirit of Dolpo through following the off the beaten paths of the region.

In addition to exploring Dolpo culture and barren landscapes resembling with Tibetan Plateau, the trek also provides you an opportunity to visit at Phokhsundo – one of the deepest Himalayan lakes in the world, and discover the traditional Salt Trade Route between Tibet and Nepal which is almost all the time full of Yak Caravans.

3. Kanchenjunga Trek


The off the beaten track for nature enthusiasts is a long adventure to the most remote and beautiful area of the Himalayas in Nepal’s eastern region. At 8,586m, Kanchenjunga is the world’s 3rd highest mountain. Located in the far northeastern corner of Nepal bordering Sikkim, it is considered one of the most beautiful mountain massifs in the world. The name Kanchenjunga means five treasures of the great snow which is in reference to the five summits that make up Kanchenjunga. Since this trekking is less crowded you will be rewarded with a unique insight into the Nepali rural lifestyle and rich culture.

4. Makalu Trek


One of the least visited mountain trails in Nepal, takes you to the yard of Mt. Makalu – the fifth tallest mountain in the world. While on the trail, you will enjoy the fascinating views of the highest mountains such as Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Chamlang, Mt. Baruntse and other Himalayan mountains along with Makalu (8481m) itself. Likewise, the off the beaten trek covers the famous landmarks of Makalu Region – Makalu Barun National Park, Barun Valley, are just some facts of Mt Makalu that provides a chance to encounter a large variety of common as well as endangered flora and fauna and varieties of bird species found in the region.

5. Tsum Valley Trek


The off the beaten trek for cultural encounter,helps to discover the secret Tibetan Buddhist lying at the edge of one of the most secluded Himalayan valleys. The Tsum Valley lies on the northern part of Manaslu and used to be a restricted area until 2008. The region is still less exposed in comparison to other touristy areas and is relatively virgin. Very few travelers have made it to this high and mysterious valley, which used to be an important trade link with Tibet. The trek takes you into the majestic surroundings of the Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal, and Boudha Himal ranges.

The region once being part of Tibet looks completely different from what you will find elsewhere. While on the trek, you also pass through the alpine forests, glacial rivers, and enjoy the warm hospitality of ethnic people and also visit the ancient Gombas of the region. And Tsum Valley has many undisclosed secrets that are waiting to get explored by the travel absorbed.  The people of Tsum Valley or the Tsumbas belong to Tibetan origin with their own ancient form of dialect, art, culture and religion.

6. Tamang Heritage Trail


The easy trek yet full of fantastic experience, takes you to the lush green valleys and hillsides near Kathmandu. Throughout the trail, you come across the ethnic settlements of Tamang community of Langtang region in Nepal.

The journey will be accompanied by the warm hospitality of the Tamang community and the trek especially extends you the taste of a Home Stay tour in Nepal. The heritage trail together with ethnic cultural encounters will be also be backed by magnetic views of the Langtang Himalaya range.

7. Manaslu Trek


Famous for taking you to the unspoiled, remote and restrict Manaslu region in Nepal. The geographically spectacular and culturally fascinating trek along the Budi Gandaki Valley passes through numerous waterfalls, lakes, interesting Buddhist monasteries, and interesting Tibetan villages yet looking medieval in cultural practices.

Apart from helping you to experience a different and strange cultural practice of Tibetan origin community of Manaslu region, it will be a trek for sensational and dramatic Himalayan views.

8. Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo

A trek very rarely visited by outsider, is one of the most beautiful treks in the remote Himalayan areas of Nepal. Trekking into the Dolpo region lets you embrace wonderful and off the beaten trek begins encountering interesting places, people, villages, valleys and serene forest of pines, oaks and rhododendron of Dolpo region. Dolpo region situated in between the Tibetan plateau and the Dhaulagiri Himalayan range is the highest inhabited land. The region has Nepal’s largest national park and conservation.

Phoksundo National Park sustains an abundance of wildlife including Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep and the elusive Snow Leopard. The region is also home of a fascinating race of Tibetan speaking people as well. In short, it will be a trek for enjoying fascinating mountain vistas, Buddhist Gompas, and the unique culture of the people there.

9. Rara Lake Trek


This trek takes you to the surroundings of Rara Lake walking through the less explored trail of western Nepal. The trail to Rara Lake is popular for providing the off the beaten path experiences with total wilderness and cultural encounters. The complete wilderness trek eventually yields you the stunning views of the pristine Rara Lake and Rara National Park which are well recognized for a beautifully preserved alpine reserve.

The pristine lake, the biggest one in Nepal, lies at an altitude of 2980m surrounded by pine, spruce, and juniper forests and snow-capped mountains on the skyline. Furthermore, Rara National Park is also known for a rare animals like the gaur, musk deer, yellow-throated martin, and a wide variety of birds.

Though Nepal is geographically small but for travelers and adventure enthusiasts, it a vague country with so much to explore. So to ease your travel we have tailor made trip where you could personalize your trip in your way.

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