My Journey To Dudh Kunda- Secret Place Of Nepal

Khumbu region always fascinates me through its soul relaxing landscapes, and the devotion of local people towards gods and religious beliefs, is something exceptional.

The Khumbu region reflects the preserve and unaffected lifestyle and tradition of the Nepalese Tamang and Magar community. Previously, I have been to Nepal with my friend Matt.

He is my work colleague and it was 2013 when we trek to Everest Base Camp. I must tell you, me and Matt never really dare to climb the tallest mountain of the planet. Because climbing Everest peak requires a bunch of experience and technical knowledge. And we were definitely not ready for that...!

Whenever I and Matt get a couple of shots, the only thing we talk is about Everest. Honestly, we never really get fed up recalling those memories.

Meet Local Boy on the way to Dudha Kunda
Meet Local Boy on the way to Dudha Kunda (Photo Credit:@anilbhatta919)

Meanwhile, this time, me, my cousin Andrew and her beloved wife Suzan visit Solukhumbu region with only one purpose, i.e to explore the hidden gems Dudh Kunda which is also known as Dudh Pokhari.

Basically, it is a melted glacier lake of several mountains of the Khumbu region. As we dig deeper about this lake, we found that Dhudh pokhari has some phenomenal religious importance for Nepal’s Hindus and Buddhist deities.

Simply, Dudh Kunda means Milky lake. Believe me, as you behold this lake with a naked eye for the first time, you will see the lake sitting in the middle of several world’s tallest mountains and is filled with Milk.

Taking Rest (Photo Credit:@anilbhatta919)
Taking Rest (Photo Credit:@anilbhatta919)

Journey To Dudh Kunda, it was like a family trip. Talking about my cousin, he and his wife also had visited Nepal before. In their early days of marriage, they have spent a long romantic vacation in the Annapurna circuit trek. However, this time we are eager to venture into the mysteries of Dudh Kunda.

Like this time, my previous trip was also arranged by Himalaya Glacier. And notably, their travel and trek guide are much experiences like their service. And if you are curious enough, they could tell you everything about the place you are visiting. ….Literally, they give present information to ancient myths. So its better try to communicate with trek guide and ..most of them are really a humble person

Our estimated days to trek Dhudh pokhari was 6 days. We booked a ticket to Phaplu, which is a gateway to trek Dhud Kunda. With less information, we headed for our family tour to Dudh Kunda with our hilarious trek guide Larkpa Sherpa. Eventually, the only thing we know about our trek was, we will going to have a chance for close up views of lofty Mount Everest.

However, we already knew that the trekking passes of this lake fall under the off beaten treks of Nepal category, and it is one of the newly discover trekking routes of Nepal.

Day 1 – Kathmandu to Phaplu Flight:

Phaplu is situated at 2469m above sea level. I must say me and my family already knew, Phaplu will be our most comfortable hub. Meanwhile, most of the local communities around this area were Tamang. They have a unique culture, they got their own language.

Because we know! What’s coming!….obviously, in Phaplu, we stayed at a typical Nepali lodge. And if you got some strength after landing, then perhaps, you could walk around Phaplu to have a glimpse of the traditional Nepalese lifestyle.

Day 2 – Salleri to Takshindu:

From day two, our real walk begins to reach Takshindu, which is at 3060m above sea level. The off beaten paths start to unfold from this point. But, the trekking journey around this region was much relaxed.

However, me, Andrew and Susan, only worry about the toilet. Generally, travelling to remote places of Nepal, you will encounter a kind of latrine where you will get a mug of water to do your personal thing. It’s rare to get comb board during your off beaten treks in Nepal.

Day 3 – Takshindu to Beni:

After spending a wonderful time in Takshindu, our journey was detained for Beni. Beni is at 3972m from sea level. We were out of our snacks at the time, so, we manage to have Nepali noodles with some eggs and green vegetables. Remember! while Trekking to Nepal’s remote places, hot and spices noodles are the main dish and believe me ...you gonna love that!

My cousin loves to communicate with new people, and probably, during our whole trip, he was much engaged with our trek guide Mr.Lakpha rather than being with us. Meanwhile, most of the local communities around this area were Tamang.

Moreover, to reach Beni, it almost took us 6/8 hrs. And, we spend the night there in a tent.

Taking Rest (Photo Credit:@anilbhatta919)
Taking Rest (Photo Credit:@anilbhatta919)

Day 4 – Beni to Dudh Kunda:

Reaching Beni was like a big relief for us. Though we have no energy left, but we knew that after Beni, we will reach to sacred lake Dudh pokhari. However, reaching Beni gives a closer look of some Nepal’s majestic mountains.

We trek for almost 6 hours and finally, we reach to Dudh Kunda. The 6 hr trek takes us to the land of Dudh Kunda, where the scenery was breathtaking.

There is a fantastic mountains view, cascading waterfalls, blooming lush green forest. Besides that, you can have the spectacular views of Mt. Manaslu (8,163m), Himal Chuli (7,896m), Dr.Harka Gurung peak (7,871m). Our guide told us that, this lake is also known as the sacred lake for the Hindus and Buddhist.

Hindus believe that Dudh Pokhari is lord Shiva’s residence, which is the reason people believe that, if you take bath three times in this pool, then your sins are wash away and the path to the sky will be open. Thousands of pilgrimages come to the site during Janai Purnima which generally falls in August.

Dudh Kunda
Dudh Kunda (Photo Credit:@anilbhatta919)

Spending A Night In Dudh Kunda

We spend a night there. At night the twinkling stars, campfire and Andrews off-scale vocal with our guide strumming ukelele…just makes our night perfect.

Dudh Kunda actually, lies in dense grass field defined as Thorju, which also known as Base camp of Namun La and Namun La, situated at the elevation of 5560m.

Ringmu, Solukhumbu
Ringmu, Solukhumbu (Photo Credit:@anilbhatta919)

Day 5 Dudh Kunda to Ringmo:

After, Dhud Pokhari, we left to reach Ringmo, with lifetime memories. The trekking path of Dudh pokhari is lies around villages where Nepalese communities like Tamang, Magar and sherpa largely inhabited. And it took us almost 5hr to reach Ringmo.

Dudh Kunda is a great opportunity to know and enjoy Nepali Culture. And for us, it was more like a spiritual and religious trek of Nepal. Actually, I and Andrew have never been to Nepal together. And he makes this trip more glorious with his wife.

Day 6 Ringmo to Phaplu:

We stayed at the lodge in Ringmo. We were tired so we stayed at the lodge and we took a rest for a while.

Early in the morning, we headed to Phaplu because we had a flight for Kathmandu on the same.

Though the roads were kind of rough but we reached Phaplu on time. Leaving Phaplu was not easy, cause I know I had made lifetime memories. We were very much satisfied with the trip and arrangement which were made by our travel agency Himalayan Glacier.

Dudha Kunda
Dudh Kunda (Photo Credit:@anilbhatta919)

My Last Word On Dudh Pokhari

We spend a wonderful time in Dudh Kunda. Dudh Kunda amazes us cause it lets you behold the beautiful mountains, Nepal’s rare flora and fauna, and pine forest.

The trekking trails of Dudh Kunda is ideal when you visit this place in March to May or September to December.

During this season, the view will be clear due to the bright sun. And don’t worry, even in this season the crowd will be less because it is still one of the most underrated trekking trails of Nepal.

Basically, Dudh Kunda t is situated at the base of Numbur Himal, locally known as Shorong Yul Lha, which means “Protector of Solu region”.

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  1. Petrus

    It is possible to make a shortcut to Lukla/Ghat from Dudh Kunda/Saharsbeni. I did that in 2018. It is quite adventurous and requires two nights of camping along the way. The problem is no clear trails in places, the trails shown on maps are not correct, and the descent to the Luja Khola is long (1200m descent) and steep.

    Optimal itineracy: visit Dudh Kunda from Saharsbeni in the morning. Move to Luzan Kharka by Luzan Khola in the afternoon and camp there. From there to Luja Khola in one long day, perfect campsite before the river in the jungle. Next day hike over the Ngothung La to Nakjung and continue to Tate. Either overnight there or continue over a bridge to Lukla side. If continuing to Namche stay on west side and cross there river in Ghat.

    As far as I know only 3 trekkers have ever hiked this “Yak Butter Trail”.

    I have a map available of the route I took.

    1. Himalayan Glacier
      Himalayan Glacier

      “Wow! You are a true adventurer who seeks more challenging and far less visited trails. Fantastic, Petrus! Many thanks for sharing your experiences with us. We will consider designing the itinerary of the route you took from Dudhkunda with camping, which should interest fellow challenge-seekers. Keep the adventure spirit alive!”

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