India and Nepal Tour

Expand the horizons of your tour into the depths of India and Nepal. Browse Himalayan Glacier’s epic journeys that encompass the highlights of India and the magnificent Himalayas of Nepal.

Travel with us to discover of the historic treasure houses of India. Explore the remnants of the vast Moghul Empire. Make your excursion into the breathtaking beauty and majesty of the Taj Mahal which was created by thousands of craftsmen for Emperor Shah Jahan, in his wife’s memory. Nearby Taj Mahal resides the 11th century Agra Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site, fought over, destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries to become a walled city housing palaces, pavilions, mosques, gardens and priceless treasure.

Extend your tour to Varanasi. City of temples, palaces and ‘ghats’ descending to holy waters, it has been a cultural and religious centre for thousands of years for Hindus. Furthermore, connect your journey to such a holy place in India where Buddha revealed his Eightfold Path to nirvana.

At the final point of your tour, find yourself in Nepal’s Himalayas-the world’s most astounding adventure destination. Nepal, a Himalayan nation, is a complete contrast and rich in some of the world’s most astonishing natural beauty. See the staggering white peaks like Mt. Everest, visit the captivating medieval cities of Kathmandu Valley, seek out rhinos, bears and tigers on an elephant-back safari through the jungle of Chitwan and share the peace and tranquility of Buddhist monks’ prayer at Lumbini-the birth place of Lord Buddha.

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