Taste the incredibleness of India

Himalayan Glacier’s India tour allows you to unfold the layers of crowded cities, magnificent temples and unruly jungle. Explore with us India’s cities and countryside and tradition and wildlife.

For more than two decades, we have offered locally crafted travel packages to allow you to discover incredible India. Travel from the coastal 1,200-year-old Elephanta Caves of Mumbai, through signature wildlife parks, and finally we cap-off our India tour in the great cities of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Explore from Taj Mahal to tigers in India with us. Only Himalayan Glacier’s India expedition exposes you to India’s extraordinary mix of living traditions and surpassingly diverse wildlife. Our multifaceted itinerary combines exceptional wildlife viewing in two tiger reserves and a bird-watching paradise with a survey of India’s great cities, cultures and monuments. We allow you an in-depth and unparalleled experience on this vast subcontinent.

Taste the incredibleness of India. From watching the sunrise paint the Taj Mahal to sampling savory local cuisine, Himalayan Glacier’s India tour is devised to create unforgettable memories. Whether enjoying the opportunity to ride an elephant into the jungle to observe Bengal tiger or jaunting through Delhi on a rickshaw, you glimpse the colorful culture, wildlife and people that create India’s mosaic of life.

Enjoy the world-class top accommodations on the journey. Our accommodations are an integral part of India travel experience. You enjoy nights in former palaces – including the 18th-century Palace and Vilas along with family-run jungle lodges and superb hotels.

Join Himalayan Glacier’s India tour to find the most exotics of nature and culture, and taste the incredibleness of India.

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