Tour to Essence of India

What is the essence of India? Probably the answer is its age old cultural traditions, faith in eastern religion, art and architecture, and temples and ancient palaces. Come to us, we take you those distinct historical moments and cultural sites of India and help you to discover the essence of India.

The tour cover from the intricate saris of Rajasthan to the beautiful symmetry of the Taj Mahal. Himalayan Glacier’s journey will be a photographer’s delight and the perfect introduction to India. You will walk along the Ghats on the River Ganges to encounter the spiritual heart of Hinduism in Varanasi and get off the beaten path exploring quaint temples in rural villages.

The essence of India tour traverses through India’s vibrant cities discovering ancient forts and temples, reveling in the beauty of Taj Mahal, exploring the erotic sculptures of Khajuraho, sailing over the Ganges in venerable Varanasi and exploring the nation’s rich cultural heritage.

Taste India’s incredible tapestry of life with Himalayan Glacier’s profound team.

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