Euro III buses on Pokhara roads

Euro III model buses have started plying Pokhara roads from today.

Pokhara Bus Entrepreneur’s Committee has brought as many as 17 environment-friendly Euro III mode buses into operation in the first phase.

Maha Prasad Subedi, chairman of Pokhara Bus Entrepreneurs’ Committee, said Global Positioning System, Closed Circuit Television and LCD TVs have been installed in the vehicles.

Chairman Subedi said the committee had imported the 30-seated buses adopting mass transport system as per the long-term policy of replacing old vehicles with the new ones. The new vehicles will drop and pick up passengers at definite stoppages. The drivers will be fully trained, disciplined and soft-spoken, he said.

For passengers’ security, hydraulic doors have been installed that will open and close at the stoppages automatically. The vehicles are green in colour.

The committee said the service of the public transport system will be upgraded to international standard in major tourist destinations of the country.

source: Himalayan Times, 25 Feb 2014

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