Dolpa: A hidden recluse


For a truly remarkable and rich experience in the Himalayan valley that will leave you mesmerized by its natural beauty and unique culture, Dolpa is the ultimate place where you find solace. One of the most remote and sparsely populated region in Nepal, Dolpa is home to rich Tibetan culture, snow capped peaks, pristine lakes and Himalayan wildlife. Here are top 7 reasons why the Hidden Land of Dolpo should be on your travel list:

  1. Camping: Dolpa is one of the very few regions in the country where camping is the only option, while trekking allowing you to experience nature at its best.
  2. Phoksundo Lake: Phoksundo Lake, the deepest lake in Nepal, offers stunning beauty. Considered sacrosanct by the Dolpa locals, it is praised for its aquamarine greenish blue color.
  3. Shey-Phoksundo National Park: Visit the protected area and witness wide assortment of flora and fauna like snow leopards, Himalayan tahr (mountain goat) and blue sheep to name a few.
  4. Mount Kanjirowa: Standing at a height of 6,883m, Mount Kanjirowa is one of the highest mountains in Dolpa and is open for summit. Up close view of the snow-clad mountain is sure to elate your spirit.
  5. Nangdala La Pass: At, 5,530m, this is one of the major passes in Dolpa. Trekkers have to cross this pass to reach Shey Gumba from Phoksundo Lake.
  6. Buddhism and Bon Po religion: Due to Upper Dolpa’s proximity to Tibet, Buddhism and Bon Po religion have flourished in the region for centuries and hence there are a lot of chortens and monasteries, some dating back centuries.
  7. Indigenous people: Dolpa District, as a whole, is home to many diverse ethnic groups, including Hindu, Shaman, Buddhist and Bonpo. Trekking in this remote land will take you closer to the local people and offer a rich insight into their culture.

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