Burma Family Holiday

Spend your family holidays in Burma and find mythical landscapes, ancient treasures and some of the world’s friendliest people. From golden Buddha’s and busy markets, magical temples and the tranquility of Inle Lake – Burma excites, impresses and intrigues those of all ages. Experience Burma’s brimming with rarely seen sights and generations of exciting stories just waiting to be told. Come and uncover a little bit of Burma magic with Himalayan Glacier on this amazing family adventure.

Burma Family Holiday
Burma Family Holiday

Fly to Yangon from where your real family holiday adventure begins. Take a boat trip across the Yangon River and then take a tuk tuk ride to Twunte village, as you explore the village on foot. Enjoy the great fun while intermingling with local traditional pottery and local food culture around the village walk.

For the next few days, head for Bagan to catch the ancient wonder of this amazing place. At Began spread out across the horizon are the peaks of 4,500 brick and gilded ancient temples. Dotting the skyline in many shapes and forms some say they compare in splendour to the majestic Angkor kingdom.

Take a tour by horse and cart to visit some of the main temples. Travel to Ngat Pyit Taung Monastery where you can explore the temple’s caves and learn about local traditions and beliefs. Visit a Monastic Primary School, seeing the local children here as they go about their lessons will give your kids a totally different perspective on school life!

Furthermore, drive to Kalaw, a former British hill station Kalaw. Engulf into the surrounding hills that are the home to various ethnic minority groups, including the Palaung, Danu and Pa-O in Burma.

From Kalaw, make your trip towards Inle Lake. The lake sets off across the mountains you cross the plateau which is crammed with farms and make a stop at the caves of Pindaya. As one of the ‘Golden Caves’ in Shan state, pilgrims flock to worship the 8000 or so Buddha images which adorn the caverns, tunnels and meditation chambers of this huge limestone cave. Venture with your family into the labyrinth of tunnels to gain a better insight into its history.

Pushing on towards Taungyi, take the turnoff to the resort town of Nyuangshwe, set at the northern end of Inle Lake. Head out in motorised boats and spend the day taking in all the sights from the distinctive leg rowing of local fishermen casting their nets and Nga Hpe Kyaung Monastery with its jumping cats and collection of ancient Buddha images to the floating tomato plantations and plethora of cottage industries.

At the final moment of your family holiday adventure trip to Burma, freely enjoy the various activities at Inle. Visit the markets, take a wander around the nearby waterfront, cycle off into neighboring villages or see old temples and the lovely monasteries.

On your return trip to Yangon, enjoy the downtown of Yangon. Visit markets, Shwedagon Pagoda and Karaweik. Then travel on to Kandawgi Lake. See the sunset view at Shwedagon and visit its nearby temple.

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