5 Tips to Go Adventure Trek in the Himalayas

Who does not want to go for adventure trek in the Himalayas and who does not dream to delve into the pristine beauty of nature? Every year the thousands of trekkers, mountaineers visit the Himalayan region to get extreme pleasure of adventure.

Whether it is an adventure passion for Everest Base Camp Trek or a desire to encounter spectacular Annapurna massif or wishing to trek in Manaslu, all the adventures are inseparable part of thrill and threat of life.

Adventure Trek in the Himalayas
Adventure Trek in the Himalayas

To have a genuine and a lifetime adventure in the Himalayas, it is mandatory to take precautionary tips that facilitate the adventures.

  • Before, you think to travel, do necessary research on the Himalayan region you would like to trek. The research helps you to get the basic information regarding the area, local tours and guides that you planning to go. The climate and geography of Himalaya is complex, so when considering trek you need to plan carefully.
  • It is better to register with the region’s local licensed tour operator to have smooth travel experience. The local adventure operators are familiar with the unpredictable climate conditions, local trekking trails, and cultures of mountain people.
  • It is advisable to know about the proposed adventuring Himalayan peak, chain and cluster of mountains. The Himalayan mountain chain is very vast. In the east, the Himalaya chain begins from a knot between Myanmar, Tibet and India. This chain continues to the border of Bhutan. Beyond that lies Sikkim, home to many peaks including the world’s third highest, Kangchenjunga. Furthermore, the Himalayan range forms part of Nepal until you reach the border of Kumaun and Garhwal. From Kumaun and Garhwal, the Indian Himalayan chain continues towards Ladakh and East Karakoram Range. This kind of information enhances you to choose the suitable area for the trekking.
  • Another advisable tip to adventure in the Himalayas is how you plan and prepare yourself for the trek. The advance planning and preparation for the trek is optimal idea. Adventure trek in the Himalayas means you are advancing in the geographically adverse location of the world. It means you have to have physically fit and mentally sound to co-operate inhospitable and unpredictable situations in the remote region of the Himalayas. Likewise, you may shock encountering local culture and it may create pretty much adjustment problems as well.
  • What about your prearrangement for medical precaution and altitude sickness. These two problems are recurrent while adventuring in the Himalayas. If you ascend to an area of high altitude, you are likely to experience some form of altitude sickness. Almost all altitude problems can be avoided if symptoms are recognized and acted upon. In some extreme cases, travelers may need emergency medical attention as well.

The rewarding glimpse of the Himalayan peaks and adventures do not come unless you go through some basic tips prior to boarding on adventure trek in the Himalayas.

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