Yoga trekking gaining popularity

Yoga trekking, which started about a year ago, is gaining popularity in Pokhara and surrounding areas. According to people promoting yoga trekking, trekkers have liked the new way of trekking that helps relieve fatigue.

Purna Yoga and Treks has been taking tourists along with yoga gurus to beautiful forests and villages in and around Pokhara. The company, which started promoting yoga trekking about a year ago, has received positive response from tourists. It is getting about 4-5 groups a month.

In yoga trek, tourists trek shorter distance and practice yoga to promote ´healthy tourism´.

A group of nine tourists from Denmark returned to Pokhara on Monday after completing a weeklong yoga trek. Similarly, a group of 12 tourists embarked on yoga trek in the Annapurna Region on Monday itself. Yoga guru Maheshwar Man Shrestha, who returned to Pokhara on Monday itself, is accompanying the team.

Shrestha said the tourists will trek to Dhampus, Australian Camp, Bhadaure, Bhanjyang, Panchase, Niyale Danda and Pumdibhumdi, before returning back to Pokhara. “Body pains, headache, fatigue and common cold, among others can be cured without medicine through yoga,” he added.

“Tourists enjoy a lot when they get the chance to perform yoga in open and clean environment while on a trekking trip.”

Source: republica-2 April 2013

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