Family trip wins popularity in Lhasa

The family trip wins popularity in Lhasa, reported by Lhasa Evening.

Students from primary schools and secondary schools in Lhasa, capital city of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous (TAR) Region will embrace a winter vacation lasting almost 70 days, from Dec.31,2013 to Mar.10,2014, according to the teaching plan for the primary and secondary schools and the vacation timetable set by the Education Department of TAR.

Obviously different from the students in mainland, students in Tibet have their winter vacation longer than the summer one, while students from mainland are just the opposite.

To ensure the students enjoying a safe and happy holiday, the local education department focuses on the cultivation of both the inquiry ability and the practice, by noticing the teachers to arrange suitable holiday homework for students learning burden relieving.

Meanwhile, some parents also start their annual vacation in January, 2014, in order to take a family trip with their children.

Thus, a number of travel agencies in Tibet provides several tourism services to visit Sanya, in south China’s Hainan Province adaptable to the family trip.

In contrast,the tutoring market has become less popular than before. Tashi Namgyal, a parent with his kid in the fourth grade of the primary school, said he will not be busy with looking for a tutor to his kid as before. Some college students seeking for tutors as part-time jobs said, most of the parents just take consultations, and few of them have made the determinination.

source: CCTV-News, 27 DEC 2013

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