Weddings in Nepal, a Social Attraction for Tourists

Weddings in Nepal may vary according to the family’s religious and ethnic beliefs but they are always a cause for great celebration. And, for that reason a wedding ceremony can be an important social attraction for tourists visiting Nepal.

If you are willing to take part in a Nepalese wedding then you are in for a week of entertainment. Like most weddings around the world, weddings in Nepal also start out with the engagement ceremony. The ceremony is followed by a numerous other events until the final wedding day. This day begins with ‘Kanyadan’ whereby the father of the bride gives away his daughter to her new family. The part that any foreigner would enjoy is the ‘Janti’ which is a wedding procession that begins from the groom’s home to the bride’s. A band of musicians lead the way with songs which are popular with most. However, more traditional music might also get played depending on the wishes of the groom and his family.

There are a couple of other religious events that take place throughout the wedding which not only have deep meaning but are also fun to watch. One important event in any Nepali wedding is the putting of vermilion powder in the bride’s forehead by the groom. This alone symbolizes that the two are now a couple. Besides, you also get to enjoy the bride and groom along with most of the guests dressed in their traditional attire. I am sure you will notice that the primary color for the bride in Nepal is red unlike the white of western brides.

Attending a wedding ceremony of someone different from your culture gives you a perspective on a new culture. It not only broadens your knowledge on culture and traditions but also amuses you with the difference. So, if you are visiting Nepal for trekking or mountaineering or for cultural tours, I suggest you also try and be a part of the rich Nepalese wedding along the way.

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