Village Tourism: Influx into Rural Areas of Real Nepal

A special category of tourism has recently appeared in Nepal– rural or village tourism. Village Tourism offers tourists the possibility to acquaint with the most precious wealth of Nepal. Unlike the usual tourism centered on major trekking routes and mountains village tourism introduces visitors to explore hospitality of rural areas of Nepal.

Nepal is the mostly preferred destination for international tourists either it is for vista of Himalayan peaks or for experiences of cultural diversity. Further, Nepal, very popular among the professional travelers attracts tourists by both: ancient history, unbelievably wonderful scenery and white water rafting.

Village Tourism

In this context, the village tourism gives a possibility to get acquainted with probably the main treasures of the country: culture, customs and traditions. Rural tourism allows the visitors to get in the everyday life and culture of the local residents of Nepal. Tourists eat the dishes common to the ordinary residents, they have the possibility to take participation in the rural living.

Whether visitors make their excursion within the heartland of different ethnic communities of hill side of Nepal or rural villages of tropical plains of Nepal the trek will be within the hospitable environment of innocent villagers of Nepal.

In short, village tourism or visitors’ influx into the rural areas of Nepal materializes the viewers’ dream to have direct contact with indigenous people and their activities, rural life and Nepalese hospitality exploring the beautiful scenery and cultural diversity of rural Nepal.

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