Tour into the Heart of Tibetan Civilization

Tibet holds more than higher peaks and valleys. It has rich history and traditions. Cultural travel to the Yarlung Valley in Tibet means traveling to the cradle of Tibetan Civilization. The Yarlung Valley is only 45 miles long, but it is rich with stupas, monasteries, temples and meditation caves.

Take the spectacular flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa which passes over the high Himalayan peaks and then roam around central Tibet. While visiting central Tibet, you will come across Tibet’s first monastery which named ‘Samye’, Tibet first king’s palace, Yambulagang, as well as the Yarlong valley and the tombs of the Tibetan kings, the beautiful Yamdoktso Lake, the high passes of Mount Nyicheng Gangsang, Gyantse  (Kubum stupa), and Shigatse (Tashilunbu Monastery), home of the Panchen Lama.

Furthermore, our cultural tour encompasses Tsedang and Samye, the ancient capital of Tibetan Kings, from where the Tibetan civilization evolved and flourished. In covering Tibetan Civilization, we will visit the first building and palace of the first Tibetan King of Tibet; Yumbulakhang and the ancient Tombs of former Tibetan Kings.

We also pay our visit to Mindroling and Samye monastery, the first monastery of Tibet from where Buddhism took its root in Tibet. After visiting Potala Palace, Jokhang temple and other major sites in Lhasa, we explore Ganden Monastery east of Lhasa, one of the most spectacular sites of Tibet built in 1490 which once housed over 4000 monks.

Browse Himalayan Glacier’s Tibet tour packages that involve observation of ancient Tibetan culture and religion. The exploration tour makes passage to deeper insights into the fabrics of the Tibetan Buddhist way of life in the past and in the present.

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